Josiah & Lauren Duggar Slammed For Taking Baby Bella Outside Too Early With No Hat

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

As we previously reported, Counting On stars Josiah and Lauren Duggar took to Instagram a few days to share a sweet little window into their life with their new bundle of joy.

The Instagram post was a collection of two pictures. The first featured Lauren holding little Bella Milagro Duggar up against her chest. She gazed down at her daughter who appeared to have a faint smile on her face.

The second was a selfie of the adorable family. Both Lauren and Josiah had huge smiles plastered across their face. They looked to be enjoying some time outside.

According to the caption, Josiah decided the weather being in the “low 60s” was the perfect time for him, Lauren, and Bella to go for a stroll outside.

Many took issue with the way little Bella Duggar was dressed.

Taking a young child (especially a baby) out into chilly weather is terrifying. Unfortunately, it isn’t something parents can avoid completely. Notably, some of Josiah and Lauren’s followers took issue with the lack of warmth for the little one.

Many of their Instagram follower called attention to baby Bella’s head. Several noted that a hat could be just as cute as the bow they opted to put on the little one instead. Some attempted to educate the parents. Out of general concern, they wanted Josiah and Lauren to know babies lose a lot of their warmth from their head and ears.

“The baby needs a hat on or wrapped up more.” One individual penned in a comment that six other followers responded to.

Several Counting On fans quickly came to the couple’s defense noting that it looked as though Lauren just pulled the blanket down briefly to snap a picture.

“A baby can get an ear infection very easily from cold and if there’s some wind. I just think she needs a little protection since she’s a newborn,” the original individual penned again as they explained why they believed the baby needed a hat on her head.

Some took issue with Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s decision to take the baby outside.

For some, the issue went beyond what the baby was wearing. Some had a problem with the baby being outside and in public at such a young age.

“Is it safe for her to be outside so early? does she have any vaccinations yet?” One follower asked in the comments.

Unsurprisingly, the comment above attracted a lot of chatter from other followers.

In response to the replies, the original poster followed up with clarification: “That’s why I was asking! I always thought the parents kept the baby inside for the first month BECAUSE they can’t get vaccinated yet.”

Instead of criticizing the individual for asking the questions, many seized an opportunity to attempt to educate. Some noted exposure to the outside world is good for baby Bella’s immune system. Others noted the baby was fine as long as a much of strangers didn’t handle her.

The comment also attracted several people who slammed the individual for giving “unsolicited advice” to Josiah and Lauren.

The original poster, however, clarified again that they were merely asking a question.

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