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Christie Brinkley No Longer Vegetarian After ‘DWTS’ Injury

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For the past few months, TV Shows Ace has been following supermodel Christie Brinkley’s journey as a Dancing With The Stars contestant, to her broken arm. Now, Christie has shared that this journey has forced her to make a lifestyle change. She is no longer a vegetarian, after practicing this lifestyle nearly all of her life. What happened?

Christie Brinkley Gives Up Vegetarian Lifestyle

Christie Brinkley’s life seemed to be temporarily turned around when she broke her arm, when practicing for her ill-fated Dancing With The Stars run. Although her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook took her place on the main stage, she cannot be subbed in to help heal her broken arm.

According to a recent Instagram post, Christie has revealed that although she is a lifelong vegetarian, she is now eating salmon. She explained that the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon helps with inflammation regulation and helps with injury recovery. This helps prevent joint stiffness. Salmon, a superfood, has vitamin D, and polyunsaturated fatty acids that help with bone strength. This is all especially important now that she is trying to heal a broken arm at the age of 65.  They can take six to eight weeks to heal. The added bonus is that her hair is now a little thicker and richer!

Now that Christie is eating fish, she would be called a pescetarian. These are people who consume only fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, grains, seeds dairy and fish.

A Lifetime Of Vegetarianism

Nine years ago, Christie Brinkley told Shape that eating a variety of colors is key to being a healthy vegetarian. She would feed her three children vibrant colored foods, looking to give them the most nutrients possible.

Christie shared that she became a vegetarian at the age of 12. She got both of her parents to become vegetarians. The supermodel even got her brother to become a vegetarian. This was back in 1966, way before Instagram influencers and the current health trends. People were eating meatloaf and chicken pot pies. Yet, looking at how amazingly well Christie looks now, it is clear that her vegetarian diet has been key in how incredible she looks!

Although her food philosophy is about being varied, she does have a routine. Her breakfast is usually oats with chia seeds and berries. Lunch is a salad with as many colors as possible, along with some beans or lentils. Dinner is pasta with oil oil and garlic, as well as some broccoli rabe or any other veggie.

Right now, Christie has not shared whether she will go back to being a vegetarian after her arm has properly healed.

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