‘Shameless’ Season 10 Premiere Leaves Fans Believing This Character Might Be Dead

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Warning: This article contains Shameless Season 10 Premiere spoilers. 

The Season 10 Premiere of Shameless airs tonight only on Showtime. As those with a Showtime streaming subscription know, the network likes to drop new episodes in the library just after midnight on the day they are scheduled to air on TV. So, many committed fans of the hit series opted to stay up last night to catch the premiere immediately after it hit the streaming library.

As those who have watched Shameless from the beginning know, the series is a very character-driven show. As The Inquisitr previously reported, this is something John Wells often talks about during interviews. Being a character-driven series, it is important to the producers and writers of the series that it stays realistic. So, Frank (William H. Macy) exiting the show because the character got a nice job in another state, for example, would never happen. It doesn’t fit the story.

In fact, Wells recently admitted during an interview that he had a hard time seeing the series with much of a future if Macy ever decided to quit. Wells explained Macy’s character isn’t one you expect to go anywhere or do anything. So, the idea that the character would exit the show doesn’t make sense. In fact, like his wife Monica, the only real way to remove the character would be to kill him.

Most fans of the series, however, would have a hard time even seeing the character pass away. This is because Frank is often compared to that of a cockroach. He doesn’t seem to be able to be killed as he just keeps on keeping on.

So, it goes without saying that removing a regular cast member from Shameless is far from easy.

While there is no denying cast members have exited the show over the nine season run, it isn’t an easy thing to do. Mickey (Noel Fisher) was easy to remove because he was running from the law. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) was easy to remove because he was in jail. While they didn’t remove Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) from the series, they did dial back his appearances so he could finish school. They did this by sending his character off to military school and giving him significantly less screen time.

For some characters, again using Monica and Frank as examples, death is the only believable exit.

Unfortunately, the Season 10 Premiere leaves fans believing someone may have passed away.

Now, for those who haven’t watched the Shameless Season 10 Premiere, this is where you should stop reading if you don’t like spoilers.

During the Season 10 Premiere we see Tami (Kate Miner) go into labor while at work. Unfortunately, things get complicated and they are forced to perform an emergency c-section. While the baby is determined to be healthy, Tami’s blood pressure drops as she looks nearly dead on the operating table.


She’s quickly rushed to another operating room while Lip is left with his new baby. Unfortunately, episode ends without any indication to her well-being.

Previews from next week’s episode and the rest of the season don’t help.

After the Shameless episode ended, fans got to watch pretty lengthy teasers and previews on the rest of the season. One thing viewers quickly noticed is Tami was not in any of them. In fact, they watched as Lip seemed to be taking care of the baby by himself. What happened to Tami? Did Tami die? Will we find out next week?


Unfortunately, Shameless fans will have to wait till next week to see if they learn whether Tami survived giving birth to her and Lip’s child. For now, fans are left fearing the worst as everything certainly pointed toward her not surviving the child birth.

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