Jana Duggar Reveals How ‘Counting On’ Family Saves Money On Groceries

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Trying to grasp how Counting On parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar survive financially is enough to make any parent’s head spin. After all, most fans of 19 Kids and Counting with just one or two children of their own can agree with how expensive raising just a single child can be. So, how Michelle and Jim Bob managed to cloth and feed 19 growing children over the years is a question commonly asked by fans of the reality TV series family.

Fortunately, it seems as though some recent social media activity by Jana Duggar may shed a little more light on the question.

Affording groceries isn’t a new topic of discussion among Counting On fans.

According to CheatSheet, there was a time where the Counting On family spent anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 in a single month to keep everyone fed. While it is safe to assume the grocery bill has gone down since the Duggar children have aged and started families on their own, a significant number of the Duggar clan still live under the roof of Michelle and Jim Bob. Moreover, as their number of grandchildren continues to grow, it is important for grandma and grandpa Duggar to keep their pantry stocked.

Michelle and Jim Bob have been kind to their fan base over the years. They recognized the desire to understand how to afford feeding so many mouths. So, they’ve been generous with sharing tips. Tips that in the long run could help members of their fan base save money on food too.

For example, the Duggar family recommends larger families purchase things in bulk. They also recommend taking up gardening. Growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs in the backyard can save tons of money.

The social media activity of Jana Duggar recently shed additional light on how the family saves money on food.

According to an Instagram post from a few days ago, Jana recently took a shopping trip with her sister Jordyn.

Jana shared several snaps of the trip with her followers. Notably, the Duggar sisters shopped at what is considered a very budget-friendly grocery store. Aldi. According to CheatSheet, this shopping venue makes sense as there are a few different Aldis near the Duggar home.

Did you know the first Aldi opened back in 1976? The German based grocery store grew in popularity because of their incredibly low prices. Today, for the convenience of those home-bound, Aldi is even a member of Instacart in many locations.


According to CheatSheet, the grocery store keeps their prices down by not selling name brands. They also do not stay open very late. Notably, this is a grocery store you must bring a quarter to in order to access a cart. You also must bag your own groceries after paying.

Are you surprised to learn the Duggars save money by shopping at Aldi? Do you shop at Aldi? Sound off in the comments down below.

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