‘Sister Wives’ Star Maddie Brown Breaks Silence On Daughter’s Rare Medical Condition

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Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush took to Instagram today to break her silence on her daughter’s health.

Maddie Brown’s daughter suffers from an extremely rare medical condition.

According to Brown, her 2-month-old daughter Evie suffers from an extremely rare medical condition that results in the bones in her daughter’s extremities to not develop properly.

Brown explained to her social media following that her and her husband Caleb’s second child received a diagnosis at an early age of fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly syndrome. The condition is commonly referred to as FATCO syndrome.

What is FATCO Syndrome?

Aplasia/hypoplasia is a medical terminology used to refer to the total or partial lack of a bone. Fibula refers to a lower limb.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of concrete material on details surrounding the condition because of how rare it is. According to a report from NCBI, there was only one known case of the syndrome as of five years ago when the report was originally penned.

The rareness of the condition can also make it incredibly difficult to treat.

The Sister Wives star recently shared her very first full body photo of her daughter Evie.

While Maddie has shared snaps of her daughter on Instagram, they’ve never been full-body.

“This is one of the hardest things that Caleb and I have gone through and the decision to share almost as difficult, but after a lot of consideration, we realized that it’s the best thing for our daughter and there is a chance it may help other parents who may also be struggling,” Brown penned in her post.

Maddie Brown explained opening up about their daughter’s health was difficult. She, however, hoped to connect to other parents facing similar battles.

Opening up about her daughter’s health came with the very first full body picture the couple has made public of their daughter.


Their daughter’s health condition did not come as a total shock.

“It wasn’t a complete surprise; we were aware of some abnormalities before birth,” Maddie continued to explain.

According to the Sister Wives star, she and her husband Caleb became aware there was an issue with a routine ultrasound took two hours instead of the typical 45 minutes.

“It was then that the doctor told us that they couldn’t find all ten fingers and diagnosed the baby with oligodactyly (fewer than 10 fingers). Although this was better than expected, it was still heartbreaking news.”

Things changed when their precious Evie was born. They learned she was missing more than a finger. “She was missing three fingers, a toe and her fibula,” Maddie Brown explained.

She added: “She also had a bowed tibia, a shortened forearm and some fusing in her fingers. It was at this point, the doctors diagnosed her with FATCO syndrome.”

Maddie Brown and Caleb struggled over whether to go public with the health of their daughter.

According to Maddie Brown, she and her husband hesitated to share their daughter’s condition with the world. They feared she would be targeted. Targeted and bullied.

Maddie and Caleb, however, later decided not being honest was worse for their daughter. They grew concerned about the message they would be sending to Evie if they hid her from the world.

“That said, we felt not being open would be even worse and make Evie feel ashamed for something that makes her all the more special in our eyes.”

Health care professionals told Maddie and Caleb there are less than 10 recorded cases of the condition. Moreover, they are not sure what causes it.


Fortunately, Evie is a healthy baby overall. Her parents are ready to help their daughter through this path she is venturing down.

“She is healthy in every other way aside from the missing bones. As a family, we have decided to be open as we walk through this journey. We want Evie to always feel pride in who she is, and all that God gave her!”

Sister Wives fans have showered Maddie, Caleb, and Evie with love and support.

  • “You are a warrior! Just give her endless love like you are !”
  • “She’s a beautiful little girl!”
  • “She still is a beautiful little girl. Anyone who would make her feel ashamed for this, is just evil. Enjoy your little girl, they grow up way to fast!”
  • “She’s beautiful and perfect Maddie! I’ve found that each child will have their own challenge in some way and this will be hers. Admire you for sharing! Thank you!”

Overall, Maddie’s fan base had nothing but positive things to say. Most agreed Evie was “beautiful.” They appreciated her sharing a full body snap. They appreciated her being candid about her daughter’s health. Maddie Brown received praise from her family for being strong.

Did you suspect something was wrong with Evie’s health? Did you find this news shocking? Sound off in the comments down below.

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