‘The Good Doctor’ Experiences Significant Character Death

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The Good Doctor is a medical drama that airs every Monday night only on ABC. As fans of medical dramas know, one thing that often comes with this type of series is death. After all, medical dramas don’t get very good ratings when they have happy endings where the patients always survive.

Then, there are medical dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy that thrive on those episodes that rip their viewers’ hearts out.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers.

The Good Doctor hasn’t killed off any major characters up until now.

The Good Doctor is currently airing Season 3 on ABC. Up until this week’s episode, killing off characters significant to the story line isn’t the direction the series has taken. While the series has certainly had its share of emotional and heart wrenching episodes, they didn’t involve killing off members of the staff.

That isn’t to say the series didn’t come close as things weren’t looking good for Aaron Glassman (played by Richard Schiff).

A recurring cast member died during this week’s episode.

As those who tuned into this week’s episode know, it was a fairly happy episode until the very tragic end. Claire (played by Antonia Thomas) was the main focus of the episode.

Her boss treated her to her very first opportunity as the lead of a surgery. Unfortunately, she had a bit of trouble going on in her home life. Her mother showed up on her door step in the middle of the night needing a place to stay.

While Claire gave her mother a temporary place to stay, she made it clear she didn’t want her around for more than a week. Claire, however, ultimately ended up breaking. Then, she agreed to let her mother stick around.

Claire and her estranged mother had a bit of a bonding moment as she prepared for her surgery.


At the very end of the episode, Claire picks up the phone to return a call to her mother. The voice on the other end of the phone, however, wasn’t her mother. This was the moment when fans of the series could feel their hearts sinking.

As the scene changed, viewers watched as Claire walked up to a smashed car and learned her mother had been in a car accident. She was dead. And, still in the driver’s seat.

Viewers watched sadness and disappointment wash over Claire as her mother had a booze bottle in the floor board of the car. The episode ended under the assumption that her mother got behind the wheel while intoxicated and got into an accident that ended her life.

This was the first real significant death to the series.

Claire’s mother was far from a regular character in The Good Doctor. She, however, was definitely the first significant character to pass away. This is with the exception of Shaun’s brother, of course.


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