Prosecutors Say Todd & Julie Chrisley Lied To The IRS

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Things haven’t been great for Todd and Julie Chrisley in the legal department. Those hoping for a positive outcome may be in for some bad news. It, unfortunately, appears as if there may be some truth to the crimes the beloved Chrisley Knows Best stars have been accused of.

What exactly are prosecutors saying about Todd and Julie Chrisley?

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Todd and Julie lied to the IRS. They lied in regards to their income.

The newest court documents to surface reveal prosecutors are pushing back. They do not want part of the case against the Chrisley couple to move from Georgia to Tennessee.

“Chrisley defendants engaged in a lengthy scheme to shelter income, lie to the IRS, and evade payment of taxes.”

The crimes Todd and Julie committed took place in multiple states.

“Numerous acts in the Northern District of Georgia long before they allegedly moved to Tennessee in 2016,” the prosecutors explain regarding the details surrounding where the crimes happened.

Prosecutors believe Todd and Julie recruited their former accountant Peter Tarantino. Tarantino assisted in building the scheme that allowed them to lie to the IRS.

When filing business documents, the structure included acts such as neglecting to include Todd Chrisley’s name. This allowed the couple to shelter themselves from certain tax obligations.

“The Chrisley’s used their production company, 7C’s Productions, which was registered with the Georgia Secretary of State in 2013, to accept millions of dollars’ worth of income. Furthermore, in order to hide his income from the IRS, the Chrisley defendants kept Todd Chrisley’s name off of corporate documents that were filed with the Georgia Secretary of State,” the court documents reveal.

According to the government, Todd and Julie’s motion to have the case moved out of Georgia is “meritless and should be denied.”

The couple currently faces charges for 11 different crimes which are related to both bank fraud and tax evasion.

While his wife is not especially active on social media, Todd Chrisley has remained positive and reassured his fans things would work out for the best.

How do Chrisley Knows Best fans feel about this new information?

The article published by The Blast alone has accumulated nearly 450 comments. Considering Todd has an Instagram following of nearly two million, the huge wave of those with opinions on the new information isn’t too surprising.

“Guess they dont know best,” one individual penned in the comments.

Another individual chimed in: “And this is how the rich gets lying..Its sad to say the Chrisleys has soo much money they can actually pay taxes.”

Other individuals criticized the family. They claimed Todd and Julie should have realized that such a famous couple wouldn’t be able to fly under the radar in regards to fraud.

Fans still hoping for the best were quick to question how reliable the information was. Some wanted more information as they believed filing income via business instead of personal isn’t illegal.

Unfortunately, this is still an ongoing investigation.  More over, as Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, this is unlikely to be a quickly resolved case. The case could take years to resolve because it is both complicated and high profile.

Fate of Chrisley Knows Best remains unknown

Chrisley Knows Best currently airs new episodes on Thursday nights only on USA. The network has not renewed the series for Season 8 yet. With the legal drama surrounding the stars, whether the series will be renewed remains unclear.

How do you feel knowing there is some truth to the legal drama surrounding the couple? Sound off in the comments down below. And, stick with us at Tv Shows Ace for the latest related to your favorite reality TV family.

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