Jeff Probst & CBS Resolve The Spoiler-Filled Promo Issue

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Jeff Probst has recently taken to social media to agree with concerns Survivor fans are voicing. Just what is it that Survivor fans have a problem with? Keep reading to find out.

The complaints poured in both before and after this week’s episode aired.

As those who are following Survivor know, new episodes of Season 39 air each week on Wednesday night. Both before and after fans had a chance to view the episode, they started taking to social media to voice their outrage. It, however, was not the contents of the episode that has fans steaming. It wasn’t anything that happened, the conversations that were had, or even who left.

So, what is it that has fans so up in arms? It’s the spoiler-filled promo the network aired to get fans excited for the new episode. Unfortunately, the promo revealed so much information it didn’t make the episode as much fun for fans to watch. Notably, one of the chief complaints from fans is the fact that the trailer revealed who went to tribal council.

This massive spoiler made watching the tribes compete in the immunity challenge uneventful for those who already knew who won and who lost.

Many fans were quick to take to social media to warn other viewers of the show not to watch the promo trailer if they wanted toe enjoy the latest episode of the show.

Jeff Probst took to Twitter to echo fans concerns, he too is frustrated with CBS.

In addition to being the host of Survivor, Jeff Probst is also a producer. He, however, didn’t and has never had any control over the promos the network airs to hype fans up for the new episodes of the series. This is a responsibility that falls to the network itself. Over the past 39 seasons, it has always been on the network’s shoulders.

Fortunately for fans, Probst took to his Twitter in a series of tweets. He agreed with the fans. And, he called the network out to do better in the future.

“To those of you frustrated by the #survivor spoilers in the promos… I have to admit I too find it mind numbing. And it pains me to have join in your complaints against @survivorcbs but I am…” Probst penned.

He concluded: “I encourage you to continue complaining in the hopes they will finally submit. But spoilers notwithstanding, tonight’s #SURVIVOR episode is GREAT! Super fun! Enjoy!”

According to Jeff, the issue has since been resolved.

Less than 24 hours ago, Jeff Probst took to Twitter account once more. He admitted that calling the network out was not his “most gracious moment.” He, however, does not appear to regret doing it. In fact, he believes it was the combined efforts of his complaints and complaints from the fans that paved a way for a change.

After 20 years of working with the network, it sounds as if CBS has decided to give the Survivor producers control of the promo trailer clips. So, perhaps fans will not have to worry about any more spoilers.

Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to take to the comments of the tweet to thank Jeff for sticking up for them. One fan even jested that this news now means they could blame the host if they have issues with the spoilers moving forward.

Did you feel like the promo for this week’s episode was filled with spoilers? Did it ruin the episode? Sound off in the comments down below.

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