Fans Take Issue With How Todd & Julie Chrisley Raise Chloe

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Do Todd and Julie Chrisley have little Chloe’s best interests in mind? Some fans have grown concerned following last night’s episodes of Chrisley Knows Best.

Those interested in watching the chatter unfold can head over to one of the latest posts on Todd’s Instagram.

Fans question why Todd and Julie Chrisley don’t make sure Chloe understands the proper dynamics of her family.

“Why did you say Chloe was Chases sister and Julie was her mom on last nights episode?” One fan questioned in a comment that has been liked by ten other Instagram users.

As his 1.9 million Instagram followers, Todd never shies away from responding to the comments on his post. This is especially true of troll comments and those intending to stir drama.

Todd explained to the individual that Chloe refers to Chase as her brother and Julie as her mother. They are fine with it. And, they see no reason to correct her.

The individual who left the original comment was quick to reply as they noted they did not intend to stir drama. They were just confused. They loved the show. And, they wanted to understand the family dynamics. Moreover, they wanted to understand the decisions behind their parenting methods.

In addition to Todd, 11 other individuals responded to the comment. Some were quick to defend Todd and Julie. Others echoed the original individual with additional concerns of their own.

“Love you guys but chloe needs know she your granddaughter that’s just as special that’s who she is it’s ok,” one follower penned in response.

A few individuals tagged the original poster of the comment and noted it was a “stupid question.”

Some fans shared their own similar stories with Todd and his wife.

A couple of Chrisley Knows Best fans took to the comments to note their own similar situations. They agreed Todd and Julia made the right decision in not correcting Chloe.

“We had the same situation with my niece she called my parents mom and dad and told people my brother and I were her siblings because that’s how she was raised and we never corrected her. She was never confused by it just other people being mosey trying to make it seem weird. Now that she is an adult she calls me her aunt but we still have a sister relationship,” one follower revealed.

Why does Chloe live with her grandparents and how does Kyle feel about it?

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Todd and Julie did not take their granddaughter away from their son. It was a decision everyone agreed on. They believed it was in Chloe’s best interest. And, in Kyle’s as well.

The Chrisley Knows Best stars acknowledged that Kyle needed to work on taking care of himself. He couldn’t do that and care for his daughter. So, she’s right where she needs to be.

Moreover, as we’ve previously reported, Kyle has no issues with Chloe believing she has two fathers.

Did you watch last night’s new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best? Do you have an issue with Todd and Julie raising their granddaughter? Sound off in the comments down below.

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