‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Aren’t Happy With Nicole Scherzinger & Here’s Why

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Did Nicole Scherzinger take things too far on The Masked Singer last night? Many fans seem to think so.

How The Masked Singer Works

For those who have never watched The Masked Singer, it is a fun singing competition with a dash of mystery. Celebrities from all different professions such as actors, singers, and athletes come to compete. They step into a fully masked costume. They conceal their identity. And then, they step on stage and perform for the audience.

The audience and judges watch short video clips containing clues. The clues point toward who is in the costume. Until a masked singer loses a smack down, the judges and fans are left to guess who is hiding underneath.

During the Panda’s performance, some fans believe judge Nicole Scherzinger made rude comments.

As many who watched last night’s episode would agree, the Panda quickly became the weakest singer of the night. This, unfortunately, resulted in the panda going to the smack down. The panda lost. And, then, who was hiding underneath the mask was revealed.

What has a lot of The Masked Singer fans reeling after the episode aired, however, was the banter that takes place after the initial performance. This banter is the time where the four judges speak to Nick Cannon. This is when the judges make guesses. Guess about who is hiding under the mask.

It was a comment Nicole Scherzinger made that really has fans talking. And, unfortunately for her, they are not happy.

Nicole suggested the Panda couldn’t sing.

During the conversation, Scherzinger shot down the possibility of the panda being Queen Latifah.

“Queen Latifah can sing,” she explained.

The problem? Many The Masked Singer fans took this to mean Nicole did not believe the panda could sing. In an uproar, fans have blasted the judge on both Twitter and in Facebook fan groups for the show. Many agreed the comment was “rude” and unnecessary.

Some even believe Nicole should apologize to the panda for her cruel comments.

In one Facebook fan group, some viewers have called for Nicole to be removed as one of the judges.

Some fans have attempted to come to the defense of Nicole

Some fans have noted that Scherzinger clearly appeared to regret what was said as soon as it fell out of her mouth. She also notably tried to undo the damage of what she said.

A few The Masked Singer fans even noted that judges have “free range” to say whatever they want and people shouldn’t be giving her such a hard time. Others were quick to shoot these comments down, however. They argued that free range did not mean she had to insult anyone.


The newest episode of The Masked Singer is available via the Hulu streaming library.

Did you watch last night’s episode? Do you agree with what fans have to say about Scherzinger’s comment? Sound off in the comments down below.

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