When Will ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Hit Netflix?

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The Shameless Season 10 premiere was recently pushed back for reasons unknown. The newest season is now slated to premiere on Sunday, November 10th. Unfortunately for fans of Shameless, watching Season 10 isn’t as simple as having a basic cable subscription. Shameless is a Showtime series and requires an add-on of the network or a subscription to the streaming service.

So, it isn’t too much of a surprise that fans without cable want to know when they will be able to watch Shameless Season 10 on Netflix.

When will Shameless Season 10 hit Netflix?

The unfortunate truth is Shameless Season 10 hasn’t premiered yet. So, it isn’t heading for the Netflix streaming library anytime soon. As those with a Netflix subscription know, however, the streaming giant is well-known for following a pattern when it comes to releasing new seasons. So, it isn’t too hard to look at the history of when it has released previous seasons of Shameless. Then, we can guess the Shameless Season 10 Netflix release date.

Here’s a breakdown of the previous release dates for seasons of Shameless on Netflix

Shameless Season 9 hasn’t been on Netflix for very long. In fact, the new season just dropped on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019.

What’s On Netflix, a fan site dedicated to all things Netflix, initially guessed the Season 9 release date into the streaming library would happen between July and August. Fortunately for fans, their best guess was only off by a couple of months.

According to Decider, Season 8 of Shameless hit Netflix on July 28th, 2018.

As The Inquisitr reported a few years ago, Shameless hasn’t been a member of the Netflix streaming library for very long.

“In fact, Seasons 1-6 were all added to the Netflix library in the last year. The first four seasons of Shameless were added to Netflix on July 1, 2016. Seasons 5 and 6 were added in September,” the outlet reported back in 2017.

Based on the information above, when is Shameless Season 10 likely to hit Netflix?

It is important to keep in mind Shameless Season 10 does not have an official Netflix release date. Based on the information above, however, Tv Shows Ace can make an educated guess.

If Netflix keeps to the release pattern they’ve utilized in the past, Shameless fans should expect Season 10 to hit the streaming library during the month of September. Should the series be renewed for a Season 11, this is also the streaming giant’s way of assisting in hyping up fans for the new season by giving them a chance to binge on previous seasons of the show.


Realistically, however, the Shameless Season 10 Netflix release date could fall any time between July and September of next year.

Fans are already taking to social media to ask Netflix when Season 10 is coming.

From the moment Season 9 hit the Netflix library and fans had time to binge through it, they started asking for Season 10.


Will you be tuning in to watch the Season 10 premiere of Shameless next month? Sound off in the comments down below.


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