‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Derek Peth Is Still Interested In Tayshia Adams

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Derek Peth didn’t leave in a relationship on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but he did play an integral part.

Derek’s Time With Demi Was Nice, He Was Ready For What Came Next

Originally, Peth had been paired up with Demi Burnett. She later decided to pursue the woman she had been dating before joining Paradise, Kristian Haggerty, her now fiancé. Derek and Demi did share several heartfelt conversations while she was figuring out what to do.

Once Tayshia Adams showed clear, romantic interest in Derek, he decided she was who he wanted. Tayshia was torn between Derek and John Paul Jones.

In the end, Tayshia chose JPJ and ended the season with him. She had told Derek that she couldn’t see herself in a long-term relationship with him. Harsh words were shared between the two guys along the way.


It’s Time To Set The Record Straight About Meeting People Via DMs

According to CheatSheet, Derek Peth wanted to clear the air regarding a topic JPJ attacked him on.

“Ben met his girlfriend through DMs. My best friend Wells met his fiancé through DMs. It’s pretty weird that that turned into such a negative thing. I haven’t actually–it’s my own thing. I protect myself. Because I just don’t trust people that way. But if anybody wants to meet people through DMs, go ahead. That’s perfect fine. Don’t listen to JPJ. Go have a perfectly normal relationship with each other,” he said.

It was mentioned in an interview that it had been rumored Tayshia and JPJ had broken up and are faking the relationship for appearances.

Derek commented, “Tayshia was here this weekend with us and they weren’t both here but she didn’t say anything about that. I think they’re still together even though there’s–I don’t know, Reality Steve likes to stir the pot.”

This is a reference to some claims that Reality Steve had made about the possible break up.

He later tweeted, “I see what Tayshia and JPJ are posting. I’m just telling you what I’m hearing.”

The interviewer asked Derek if he’d be interested in trying again with Tayshia if the couple was really broken up.

He said he’d always liked Tayshia, but she shut him down and told him it wouldn’t happen. But he always had an interest in her and that still hasn’t changed. Despite some previously mentioned trust issues, Derek is ready to open up again,even if it’s not with Tayshia.

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