‘Big Brother’ Star Holly Allen Is Being Roasted By Fans For ‘Bullying’ Accusations

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Season 21 of Big Brother is coming to an end, next Wednesday only one contestant will be crowned the winner. Cliff Hogg III, Nicole Anthony, Jackson Michie, and Holly Allen are competing to walk away with half a million dollars in hand.

Tensions are rising among the final four of the houseguests

Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, and Jackson Michie, YouTube

Things are getting a little personal among the final four of this bunch. It’s make-or-break time with final-two and final-three agreements that have been thrown around here and there all season. In last week’s episode, Nicole and Cliff had to decide who they would send home, Holly or Tommy. Luckily for Holly, as part of their final-four deal, she agreed to veto competition to avoid eviction at the cost of Head of Household.

Tommy was sent home, and Holly lived up to her word and threw both competitions. The issue lies between Nicole and Holly now, because Holly is accusing Nicole of being a bully.

Cosmopolitan says Holly felt that Nicole was being too “arrogant” about being the Head of Household when Holly had agreed to throw the competition. Holly made accusations against Nicole saying that she “bullied” her and forced her to throw the competition.

The video of the deal proves Holly is in the wrong with her accusations against Nicole

In the video of the deal, Cliff had asked Holly to throw the competitions, not Nicole. Holly also knowingly agreed to the deal, so Tommy would be sent home, not her. It was an agreement, and there was no bullying from Cliff or Nicole. Holly had the chance to break the deal and not throw the competitions on purpose, but she kept up her side. So, in turn, the Big Brother stans decided to call her out on this.

One fan tweeted: “She literally called girls insecure because they complimented her. She’s also sleeping with a man that constantly was/is a bully. Holly Beth Allen better sit the hell down.”

Another said: “I think this is laughable coming from them. Did they forget how they treated Nicole? Jackson slammed the door on her. Holly made remarks about her and the other girls in the house. THEY are the bullies NOT Nicole.”

It’s truly hilarious, with Holly’s history of making fun of other houseguests behind their backs. Not to mention, she’s dating Jackson, who has also taken his turn disrespecting multiple people, including Holly Allen this season. The irony of the situation seems to be lost on Holly, but Big Brother fans certainly know what’s up.

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