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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers, Will Clay Harbor Choose Nicole Lopez-Alvar or Angela Amezcua in the End?

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ drama is heating up this season for ex-football player, Clay Harbor. After finding love just after last season ended with Angela Amezcua, fans were surprised to see him back this year. Now, he’s made a connection with Nicole Lopez-Alvar, but will their connection be strong enough?

**Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know how Bachelor in Paradise ends!**

Who will Clay Choose on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

The ending of Bachelor in Paradise may be tricky for Clay. First, he fell in love with Angela last year. The two apparently dated for a while and even planned a future together. However, they ended up splitting, and Clay returned to Paradise. He then bonded with Nicole. They have had a great connection and seem to be having a lot of fun. However, things got rocky when Clay attended a wedding for Chris and Krystal Randone. Angela was in the wedding and it seems he may have feelings for her.

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On a preview for tonight’s episode, it seems like Angela will be arriving to Paradise this week. That’s certainly going to leave Clay in quite the pickle. Not only that, but it’s bound to make Nicole super uncomfortable. However, according to News Week, Angela doesn’t actually take Clay on a date with her date card. Instead, she will be taking Mike Johnson as well as Chase McNary.

Through all of her dating, Clay will actually stay with Nicole. That must be crazy for all three of them. It can’t be easy to see your ex dating other people right in front of your eyes. Apparently they make it through those dates without Nicole and Clay every separating.

What happens after the season?

It’s not all good in Paradise though. Nicole actually broke up with Clay. Apparently she did this before things got really serious with the final couples remaining. That’s probably better than getting proposed to and then having to break up or having to say no to an engagement on TV.

Now, Clay isn’t dating either Angela or Nicole. Sounds like Paradise isn’t ending well for Clay again. Maybe he will come back for round three next season? There’s just no telling what will happen.

Who did you want to see Clay end up with? Did you prefer Angela or Nicole? Or, do you not want him to be with anyone from Bachelor Nation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Be sure to watch new episodes every Monday and Tuesday night. That’s the best way to watch all the drama happen.

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