Iris Caldwell Keeps ‘Married at First Sight’ Fans Clamoring to Know Her Secret

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Married at First Sight has seldom seen a more perfect couple for the wedding album or suited for the top of the wedding cake than Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley.  Even now, the portraits of the Season 9 couple could be perfect promotional marketing for the arranged marriage series.  On so many levels, Iris and Keith relate and connect, apart from one very important one—intimacy.    Iris is a virgin and the pair have yet to physically consummate their marriage.

Married at First Sight star Iris Caldwell is a virgin

Keith discovered that his wife was “pure” in the virginal sense after Iris Caldwell divulged that, in her case, her white wedding gown was fully representative of her status to her mother-in-law.   Keith’s mother broached the subject with her son, but he did not tell his bride that he had inside information before Iris revealed the truth.  Keith displayed immense sensitivity and patience in responding to the situation.

Recently, in last week’s August 14, Keith shared with Married at First Sight expert Pastor Cal Roberson that he had his own reservations as to whether he was the right man to take Iris Caldwell’s virginity, even as his wife.  In a completely reverse sort of session, Dr. Viviana Coles told the first virgin in Married at First Sight history to stop thinking of her virginity as something to take.  She encouraged Iris to open herself up to more sensual and natural experiences in marriage not related to only lovemaking.  She suggested showering together or feeding one another.

Iris Caldwell took bold steps in exploring physical closeness with her very willing husband.  Fans are in a tizzy this week after previews are hinting that Iris has a deep secret.  Only tomorrow’s episode can only reveal if it will turn out to be another “lemonade” issue along the way to lasting love, or something truly serious.

Cheers for the tasty stuff

Even Iris Caldwell’s mother has suggested that her lovely daughter is going to deep inside her head over the physical aspect of marriage.  In their heart-to-heart conversation, she compared overcoming these reservations to jumping off the diving board into the deep end of the pool.   After that point, she feels that Keith is the man who will care for his daughter, even amid this unusual situation.

Keith was shocked but pleasantly surprised to see the assortment of flavored body glitters that Iris offered to paint in specific areas.  Keith had the task of licking the luscious tastes. “That’s pretty good,” was his universal critique.  The feeling of fans clapping was practically audible through millions of TV screens last week, as Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley came their closest to being a fully married couple.

The Married at First Sight sense of elation may be short-lived, because this week’s August 21 12th episode is steeped in a secret that only two have known, according to Iris Caldwell.

A very mysterious condition

As related in an August 18 Newsweek feature, Iris Caldwell has a very private concern that only her “mother and her doctor know.”

Just as when Iris disclosed the truth of her virginity, this disclosure comes out while lying in bed.  The camera cuts to Keith, who declares: “Hearing Iris’ secret… I’m just a little confused.”

Social media is buzzing with demanding fans who are “dang curious.”  Speculations range from a previous pregnancy to her hymen breaking during their romantic horseback ride on their one-month anniversary celebration.  Some are wondering if physiological structures are involved, as with hermaphrodites.  Some of the loudest voices are crying “it’s nothing,” knowing how Married at First Sight producers love to pique emotions.

Iris admitted to her husband that for her, intercourse means the kind of intimacy that she is not yet ready to surrender.  She and Keith have an emotional connection that has evaded very committed brides, like Amber Bowles.  Now that she has opened herself up to the physical aspect of marriage, let’s hope this secret doesn’t become a stumbling block.

Tune in Wednesday on Lifetime to catch new episodes of Married at First Sight.

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