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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Catch Heat on Twitter While Show Ratings Tank

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Alaskan Bush People fans are not happy.

Fans of the Alaskan Bush People series got to witness the show catching some serious heat on social media when their official Twitter page posted a promotional photo of Billy and Ami Brown.

The photo features the Brown family heads side by side,  against a theme-appropriate backdrop of trees and wilderness. The caption over the post simply reads “Welcome to Brown Town.”

While the tweet is supposed to promote  Alaskan Bush People Season 10, fans were opting to use the comments as a sounding board, unloading their anger and disgust toward the Brown Family.

According to a recent article on Pop Culture, fans of Alaskan Bush People’ feel that the portrayal of the Brown family is not genuine.

“Brown Town is a lie.” commented one viewer.

“Why are they still named Browntown when they don’t live there, and never did, this show should be canceled, they are nothing but fake, liars and cheats” commented another.

As an article on the PopCulture website recently pointed out, many viewers have watched the show grow and evolve over the last few years — and have no issue giving their opinions of the family dynamic. Some seem to think that the family’s children have been brainwashed by their parents deceitful and abnormal lifestyle. Others pointed out that the show is glorifying people with less than moral principles as both Billy and Amy have past legal history involving welfare fraud.

Will the show continue past Season 10?

The article hypothesizes that parts of the family’s life have greatly affected people’s trust in the content. This includes Ami Brown’s ongoing struggle with cancer. The show followed the family even when they left Alaska to seek treatment in Washington state. While the Alaskan Bush People did eventually ‘go back to the woods’ they elected to stay in Washington state. For some, this has changed their complete outlook on the show. These changes are starting to have a very tangible effect on the show’s popularity.

Alaskan Bush People - Facebook

A recent look at the history of the show’s ratings on Radar revealed that the once wildly popular discovery program lost nearly half their viewers going from Season 8 to Season 9.

The Season 10 premiere logged a 0.4 on the Neilsen rating scale – which sums out to about 2 million viewers. That is less than half of where the show ranked in previous seasons and certainly not an ideal size audience for the network.

Outlets around the web are now speculating whether the show will be able to redeem itself. Will we see further adventures of ABP? OR will they end up on the chopping block next season?

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