‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Chris Harrison Opens Up Amidst Blake Horstmann Drama

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Blake Horstmann easily made himself one of the most hated people to star in Bachelor in Paradise…and there’s only been one episode. Despite the drama, Chris Harrison is opening up about what he thinks went wrong with the whole situation.

Blake Horstmann brings drama to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Blake Horstmann had a pretty intense first night on Paradise when Caelynn Miller-Keyes revealed just how bad of a person he was this summer. Apparently, he treated Caelynn as a secret after they talked and dated this weekend. Then, he told her not to tell anyone they had been together. That’s certainly not a way to make a good first impression.


What did he think would happen?

Well, now Chris Harrison is talking about where Blake went wrong according to Yahoo. All of this drama happened at Stagecoach, where a lot of the cast was this summer. That’s where Chris says it all went wrong.

“Thinking he was somehow gonna get away with that and just stroll into Paradise and it was gonna be just this great time, he would move on, that is what is beyond me. That’s what I don’t understand. What was he thinking was going to happen?” Chris said about the Bachelor in Paradise star.

That’s such a good point. Why come to Paradise when there are girls who you really hurt there? Of course, they are going to be hard on him, and of course, it’s going to be a really awkward situation.  Chris went on to talk about how Caelynn wasn’t going to just let him slide in unnoticed. She’s been telling so many people the “secret.” Good for her!

Chris continued to be pretty hard on the Bachelor in Paradise contestant, blaming his behavior on arrogance. Because he is told he’s a cool guy, and because he thinks he’s a cool guy, he probably believes he can get away with anything.

“Maybe he was believing the hype, drinking his own Kool-Aid, thinking that all the people that tell him out in public that he’s the greatest guy ever, maybe he thought he was the greatest guy ever. Maybe this is exactly what he needed, a swift kick in the a**,” Chris said.

What do you think of Blake Horstmann and his crazy behavior? Let us know what you think should happen during the season in the comments below. Be sure to watch Bachelor in Paradise every Monday and Tuesday night to watch the drama unfold.

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