‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: Hannah B Has Tyler to Her Apartment for a Drink

Tyler C and Hannah B Bachelorette Instagram

Hannah certainly moves fast when she knows what she wants and realizes she let a good thing go. Only two days after reminding Tyler she’s single on ATFR and asking Tyler to go for a drink, she invited him over to her apartment for champagne. It looks like this The Bachelorette couple is having their drink.

Details of their drink

The thing is so far there aren’t any details out about this drink. It sounds like Tyler and Hannah got together and had a drink. It was in private. They aren’t sharing details yet. So fans are going to have to just wait it out and see what these two share. It appears that it happened last night.

Tyler doesn’t want pressure on this Bachelorette relationship

Now that they are away from the cameras, Tyler doesn’t want them to “put any pressure on their relationship.”  He even gave Hannah a shout out on Instagram.


It’s interesting to note that instead of meeting at a bar/restaurant or out in public, they chose to meet behind closed doors. If they really do want a shot at rekindling their romance, they should start keeping things private to give themselves a fair second chance at love. Hannah shared on Instagram saying, “To your burning questions: Yes, the drink is happening. No, you’re not invited.” The Bachelorette fans want the camera rolling.

Tyler went on the Almost Famous podcast hosted by Ashley Iaconetti of The Bachelor and said he didn’t want to rush things.

“We need to take it very slowly and we need to just have a drink and see how we are around each other. If we were to just rush into something right away and try and be boyfriend and girlfriend right after the final rose, it would not be healthy for us; it wouldn’t be good.”

Has this Ruined Tyler as a Strong Contender for Bachelor?

Tyler needs to focus. If he doesn’t think that Hannah is his forever and has aspirations to be The Bachelor, then he can’t reconcile with her because right now, he is absolutely still a strong contender for Bachelor.

Rob Mills, ABC Entertainment’s Senior Vice President, Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night Programming told Entertainment Tonight, Tyler “was fantastic. … I will say, yes, I’m hard pressed to find somebody that has that much [fandom]. … There’s not even the, ‘Yeah, he’s just not my cup of tea.’ He seems to be everybody’s cup of tea.”

Do you support Hannah and Tyler’s reconciliation? Or would you rather him be The Bachelor? Share your thoughts below. Don’t miss watching Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday each week on ABC.

Update: It turns out that Tyler stayed the night!

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