Antigua Honeymoons Bring ‘Married at First Sight’ Couples to Closeness and Conflict

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The Married at First Sight Season 9 couples were filled with delight to arrive in Antigua at the end of last week’s episode. Matt and Amber, Jamie and Elizabeth, Greg and Deonna, and Keith and Iris all looked forward to time alone to deepen their emotional and physical bonds of matrimony.

During the preview broadcast of Married at First Sight Unfiltered, Iris did say that she wished her new and well-meaning mother-in-law had allowed her to be the first to share that she was a virgin with her husband.   She further praised Keith for being the right man to guide her through the feelings that take her “all over the place,” crediting Dr. Pepper Schwartz.

Jamie Thompson was also a guest, and he expressed his hesitation after the fatherly inquisition that he was subjected to from Elizabeth’s dad, Ronnie.   His affections were clear for his bride, however.  He let it slip that he calls her “Beth” “all the time now,”  even though he told her he would call her Elizabeth.

The romance of breathtaking surf and sand had the desired effect for most pairs. One couple weathered their first winds of conflict, one used adventure as their avenue of connection, and another seems to be a portrait of Married at First Sight success.

Jamie and Elizabeth both spurned by separation

Jamie and Elizabeth are proving to have much more in common as time goes on.  Besides feeding off one another’s energy and “in the moment” spirits, both partners learned that they shared the hurt of not being prioritized this week.  Elizabeth didn’t let her monthly caller delay the fun of the honeymoon, even though some aspects of romance had to wait.  She did her best to be a spirited volleyball player, diving full-on into the sand, in a “swan dive,” despite not really understanding the new game.

Understandably, Elizabeth was feeling a little more gritty in uncomfortable places after the game, which involved all the couples having fun together.  She returned to the room to shower and refresh, thinking Jamie would check back with her.  He, on the other hand, thought she would join him for lunch, as the other couples enjoyed.   Both ended up eating alone, which left both feeling unimportant to the other.

Jamie admitted that he shuts down when attacked, and Elizabeth does have a tendency toward extremes– she asked: “Am I in hell here?”  After some calmer conversation, both understood better the new territory of communication.   They promised to make one another top priority and proceeded to have a lovely stay.

Despite what they told their Married at First Sight experts, Elizabeth and Jamie have the same feelings about children, leaning to “nay” on the subject.   Elizabeth even complimented her husband on being “so fun to eat with” and planned a romantic bubble bath to celebrate their genuine honeymoon connection.

Matt and Amber savor it all

Amber couldn’t keep from kissing her hubby, Matt, for more than a minute on their wedding day.  It’s no surprise at all that these two kissed all night in the pool on their first Antigua night and fulfilled the bonds of matrimony in the bedroom later.  “One thing led to another,” as petite Amber put it. Matt was pleased that the time felt so “natural.”  During their beach workout the next morning, they still looked like they could be on the cover of “Fit Couples” magazine.

When they took a scenic tour of Antigua, they captured their moments on camera, and Amber confirmed: “This is my forever.”  She is in for the duration and he seems devoted.  Nothing was kept secret.  Both Amber and Matt revealed to the other couples that they had consummated their vows.

‘Married at First Sight’ takes to the sea with Keith and Iris

Thus far, Keith Manley is being the paragon of patience and understanding his Married at First Sight virgin bride.  The two complement each other in many ways, and Iris glides between her elegance and her down-home side as easily as she switches accents.  Keith arranged a session of swimming with stingrays in the crystal blue waters.  Even though Iris had done the activity before, she celebrated these memories together as the first with her husband, and they shared lots of physical touches.

Iris got the answer that she needed from Keith when she asked if he was in it for “longevity” and not simply fun times for eight weeks.  She seemed touched by his sincerity.

Viewers will have to wait and see if Keith can wait out the time for his wife to be ready. During their talk in a hammock, he assured Iris that she was under no time clock or window, but she knows that he has “done it all.” That reality may be daunting for her.

Greg and Deonna go for a glide into closeness

As days pass, it is abundantly clear that Deonna McNeil-now Deonna Okotie—has very distinct likes and dislikes.  A decade of being away from male companionship has only deepened her independent decision-making, but Greg is committed to breaking down her walls, “brick by brick.”  She seems content in building their connection, but Deonna scolded her husband for giving her too many compliments.  Not many brides would put that in the problem category.  He promised to monitor the praise he gave his wife.

Deonna exhibited more enthusiasm than Married at First Sight fans have seen from her so far when she arranged a zip-line excursion.  The adventure was not met with the same enthusiasm by Greg.  He remembered that he had asked the experts to pair him with someone who would take him out of his comfort zone.  This setting certainly did that.

Deonna demonstrated more delight than ever as she glided amidst the treetops.  She encouraged Greg to conquer his worries and hesitations, urging “You got this,” from her perch.  Greg finally got the courage to let go and made it to the other side.  He was only teasing when he said: “Let’s go again!”

Deonna declined that she was a hopeless romantic that night, just as she has denied becoming “smitten.” Still, she enjoyed Greg’s shoulder massage. Little by little, there may be hope for these two to find the reasons why they could make a great union.

Tune in next Wednesday to Married at First Sight on Lifetime to see how Matt and Amber handle the possibility of him returning to international basketball.  It looks like more rough waters for Jamie and Elizabeth, too.

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