Big Brother Live Feed Update Thursday, June 27th- Showmances, Alliances and Racism

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Big Brother 21 is underway, and here are the results from the first full day of live feeds: Thursday, June 27th, 2019.

The results of the HOH competition are in and Christie is the new HOH. As of right now, the alliances are…


Last episode, Nick, Isabella, Holly, Christie, Michie, and Jack formed an alliance of six. As of this morning, Tommy and Analyse joined the crew, creating an alliance of eight named “GrEIGHTful”.

Later in the day, Nick, Jack, and Sam developed a side alliance. In addition, Tommy cultivated two separate final twos, one with Christie and one with Nick.

The plan then became to put Cliff and Kathryn on the block with the plan to backdoor Kemi. Allegedly, the house does not like Kemi because she doesn’t make an effort to be social.

This evening, a new alliance of five formed between Sam, Jack, Nick, Christie, and Analyse. They call themselves “Stage 5”. Already, members of the cast are catching on to their alliance.

Power of Veto

During the Power of Veto, Big Brother Season 20 winner, Kaycee reentered the house to host the competition. Christie, Cliff, Kathryn, Nicole, Jack, and Sam all played, and in the end, Sam emerged victoriously.

Sam shared with others in the house that he wanted to take Cliff off the block.

The Drama

House Racism?

Optically, the fact that the first person eliminated from the house, and the current house target are both people of color does not sit well with fans. Many point to underlying biases as a potential cause of this rift. Former contestant, Da’Vonne Rogers commented on the issue via Twitter.

In addition, several comments about recently eliminated contestant, David, have raised eyebrows. Especially those comparing David to Big Brother 20 contestant, Swaggy C, another man of color. Other current contestants have discussed David’s “negative energy”, which many fans thought odd, as the houseguests had only known David for mere hours.

Further issues arise when one considers that the other houseguests discussed as targets beyond pawns Cliff and Kathryn have been Jessica and Ovi. Two of the other people of color in the house. This leaves Bella and Analyse as the only two people of color without a target.

Even more uncomfortable is the house’s treatment of Ovi. The GrEIGHTful alliance made no secret of Ovi’s annoying tendencies, claiming that he was “touchy” with the women in the house, though there has not been any evidence on the feeds of this behavior as of now. They have also mocked Ovi for his tendency to make cookies and for the frequency of his bowel movements. The group dubbed him “Brown Flame” and “Pooh Bear” in private.


Kat and Michie are the first official showmance of the season. Their connection caused concern for many of Michie’s allies. Michie may not be one hundred percent interested in Kathryn. Earlier in the day, Jessica walked in on Michie lying closely with Bella in bed. Immediately, she went to Kat, telling her that she had a “feeling” that Michie is a part of a bigger alliance in the house.

Unfortunately for Jessica, Kat went to Michie and asked if he’s conspiring against her, potentially increasing the target on Jessica. Michie reassured Kathryn that the two were just talking about moving in together.

Preseason, lesbian Christie shared that she would use her flirtatiousness to bamboozle the men in the house. It appears she is already making good on that promise. Jack already appears quite taken with her. Several of the houseguests commented on their closeness. Time will tell what will happen with the duo.

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