‘Married at First Sight’: Amber and Matt Make the Most of Smooching, Deonna and Greg Move Past the Past

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Season 9 of Married at First Sight set sail on June 12 with four new couples risking it all for forever love in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The lush scenery and shore of the southern city made the perfect backdrop for hosting the more than 59,000 applicants who hoped to be chosen for this Married at First Sight outing.

The preview special highlighted the process of whittling down the hopefuls to 100 men and women selected for deeper probing. The ultimate four couples were chosen from 50 prospective brides and grooms, who best seem suited for each other and for the understanding that their legitimate marriages center core values and morals.   It’s not a matter of being Bradley Cooper or Idris Elba.

“They’re not here,” declared Pastor Cal Roberson, focusing on the process of finding potential lifetime partners.

Dr. Viviana Coles joins the team of experts this season.   She definitely brings a vivacious spirit along with her expertise in marriage and family therapy and sex therapy.

The two Married at First Sight couples who made the leap of love and faith in Season 9’s premiere were Amber and Matt and Deonna and Greg.  The experts all felt that these two couples exemplified all it took to become “power couples.”

Deonna and Greg get past the judgment of the decade on Married at First Sight

Deonna McNeil admits that she didn’t handle the shattering of her relationship with her first love too well.  “We got nasty to each other,” she admits of the pairing that came right after high school.  The loss also resulted in “walls going up” for the 30-year-old operations manager.  Those walls stood for 10 years when she didn’t date or allow anyone close to her.

Greg Okotie was drawn to Married at First Sight because of the track record of success for six couples and his respect for the experts.  He has also done his share of “soul-searching” but nothing like 10 years worth of no real dates.

Deonna and Greg share a deep faith in God, which was prominent in their wedding vows.  Greg was a complete gentleman, introducing himself to Deonna’s family as he walked up the aisle.  He asked permission to give Deonna a kiss.  The two made a genuine and warm connection.  Deonna’s sister remarked that she had never even seen Deonna hold hands or kiss a man, so this was a big step.

When the two shared their champagne toast, Greg asked his bride about her journey to Married at First Sight.  She candidly divulged that a decade had passed since she was in a relationship.  This naturally gave Greg pause, and Deonna declared, “I feel the judgment.” After Deonna explained how she used the years to focus on her education, career, and inner development, Greg was satisfied, and still seemed to trust the process.  The groom is willing to let the future be led by a higher power.  He broke down after prayer before the ceremony.  Faith is already a foundation for this match, and they may need it more than they imagine.

A sweet, shooting, and sizzling connection

Seeing Amber Bowles beside her lanky, towering basketball player husband, Matt Gwynne instantly brings delight.   Corny as it sounds, this couple is so cute together, and both seemed completely delighted with one another.  Amber didn’t wait until the end of her ceremony to say how “cute” Matt was.  She asked to kiss him before the “I do’s” ever came, and Matt had no trouble accommodating her 5’2” stature.

The kissing continued when the couple shared champagne, and by the looks of the previews for next week, the attraction keeps building.

Another instant love for the two is basketball.  Amber demonstrated her shooting style right after their vows, and her dad piped up with “I taught her that.”  The English teacher was raised by her father after her mother fell in love with a woman when she and her twin sister were 7.

One of the touching outcomes of this Married at First Sight connection is that Amber’s mother did come to be involved in her daughter’s bridal preparation.  The willingness to accept and love beyond the past was palpable.  Matt chose not to involve his own parents, who divorced two years ago after 30 years together.  Secrecy only adds to the stress of any relationship, no matter who it involves.

The empathy that Amber has cultivated from her own experience could be a great support to her new spouse.

Next week, the first Married at First Sight virgin, Iris, will exchange vows with Keith, and free-spirit daddy’s girl, Elizabeth will offer herself to Jamie.  Passion and dreams of plans together have to be balanced with patience and understanding.  Let’s hope these newlyweds can go the distance.

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