‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Promises To Be ‘Awesome’ But Lucifans Need To Impress Netflix Now

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Lucifans have loved Season 4. Fans should be even more excited that showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have promised an “awesome” Season 5. Yet, they warn that without enough fans streaming Season 4, the series will not be renewed. Fans who have not finished Season 4, please note that there are spoilers below.

Lucifans Expecting ‘Awesome’ Lucifer Season 5

Although there are a lot of questions about Lucifer Season 5, Lucifans have been assured by the two showrunners that the new season will be “awesome.” It will be so awesome that Madrovich repeated the word “awesome” twice, in order to emphasize just how great it will be. They just released an incredible Season 4. How are they ever going to top this masterful 10-episode season?

Well, the two showrunners already have  made plans for Lucifer Season 5. Henderson told EW that they already know the very first scene, and comments that this “is one of my favorite things we’ve ever come up with.” Modrovich calls it “brilliant.” How good is that?

They already know the spectacular way in which they will get Lucifer out of hell. The duo also would like to bring back Inbar Lavi to reprise her role as Eve. They can see a way that she could fit into next season’s storyline. But all of these fantastic plans will go to waste if Netflix does not renew the show for a fifth season.

What Can Lucifans Do?

Lucifer producer and writer Chris Rafferty recently tweeted what Lucifans can do to ensure a Season 5. He tweeted that Netflix waits about a month before announcing whether a show will be renewed. During this time, they “gauge” the show. He even suggested that fans rewatch Season 4 over the weekend. This suggestion appears to hint that Netflix is monitoring how many people are streaming the show, and perhaps even where they are streaming from. Lucifans have been binging the show since it dropped in early May. Now they need to binge a bit more, in order to push Netflix into renewing it at least one more season.

Lucifer Top Binged Show

There is some promising news. Lucifer has been a top binged show. According to TV Time, Lucifer has been the top binged show four weeks in a row. The show has dominated since Netflix dropped it on May 8. There have been more bingers of Lucifer than the finale episodes of Game of Thrones.

This has to give the cast and crew some home for a Lucifer Season 5. A pleased Tom Ellis even tweeted “You little bingers you…#Lucifer.”

What sort of “awesome” do you expect for Lucifer Season 5? Share your predictions in the comments field. As of now, Netflix has not renewed Lucifer for a fifth season. Lucifans are busy streaming the show Netflix, making it one of the top streamed shows in the world. They are also posting on social media #LuciferSeason5. Check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest in Lucifer news.

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  1. My sons and I have watched all four seasons of Lucifer and we are so looking forward to a season 5. You all need to bring it back we are totally hooked. This is the must time we ever spent on Netflix

  2. Absolutely Love watching Lucifer. Every cast member is fantastic. I waited soooo long for season four, that I binged watch. I was hooked again. I know I am not the only one who loves this series. We want a season 5.

  3. I loved season 4. I binged watched all seasons I was hooked . We need closure for us and some of the characters renew for Season 5.

  4. Please let there be a season 5. Just finished watching the fourth season. Ugh! You can’t leave me hanging here. I slept 6 hrs a day for weeks to watch all episodes I downloaded right after I got out of office. SEASON 5!! 👍👍👍🤗🤗

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