‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent’s Fiance, Randall, Planning Jax Taylor’s Bachelor Party

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Vanderpump Rules fans, the time is upon us! Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are getting married in a few short weeks. Their summer wedding is set for June 29th in Kentucky. It is just two months shy of the wedding because of this it’s time for the bachelor and bachelorette festivities.

Jax Taylor’s party planner changes

Brittany has already had one of her two bachelorette parties. Her 1920s-themed party included flapper dresses and a tattoo of Jax on her chest. She must be a Great Gatsby fan.

Jax’s BFF Tom Sandoval was originally tasked with planning the epic bachelor party. Tom had a low-key bonding experience, possibly a spa trip, in mind for the boys in the gang. He reasoned that Jax had spent his entire life living a bachelor party. He’s not wrong, but Jax has been almost boring this season. He promises to spice things up next season.

In a recent stop by Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Jax said he was okay with a calm party, but his friends might not be. He said, “I want it to be calmer, but my friends are degenerates, so it’s going to be crazy. Tom has kind of taken a backseat on it and Randall has kind of taken over.” Because of this change, it will not be near of calm as a party.

Jax.. and Randall??

Yes, Randall as in Lala Kent’s movie producer fiance. Apparently, Jax and Randall have become close friends over the last year. They have taken many couples trips with Lala and Brittany. Jax recently went to Coachella on Randall’s PJ (private jet, for those who don’t speak Vanderpump.) Brittany didn’t attend that weekend, but she went the following weekend.

Lala and Randall are set to be married at some point this year. Maybe Jax will plan Randall’s bachelor party. Jax did say that his own party would be “boring” if he had planned it himself. It took 40 years, but maybe Jax is finally ready to settle down and shed his crazy persona.

No word on whether Tom feels threatened by Jax hanging out with Randall. Tom has been busy with the new TomTom bar he partnered with Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Schwartz to open. Bravo still hasn’t announced a Season 8 for Vanderpump Rules or if Jax and Brittany will get another spin-off for their upcoming wedding. There is just one episode left of Season 7, followed by an intense reunion where things got physical between some cast members.

You can check out the Season 7 finale and upcoming reunion Mondays on Bravo. Because of the drama this season you do not want to miss them.

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