Erin Krakow Gets Back to Her Caring, Colorful, and Birthday-Conscious Ways

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It’s no wonder why Erin Krakow was so dearly missed during her month-long pause from social media.  The When Calls the Heart leading lady leaves a trail of kindness and goodwill wherever she goes, including social media.  In these times of division, it is rare to find any among the celebrity world who “lead with kindness” as Erin Krakow once described as her motto.

Many of the When Calls the Heart cast members have relayed messages of gratitude and love to the legions of Hearties. They have remained hopeful and confident amidst the recent months of upheaval amid the “creative hiatus.” The period away from the airwaves called for unexpected and especially hard work from everyone involved with the Hallmark Channel drama.

Erin Krakow makes a special point of focusing on the positive in every social media post or event where she is able to mingle with When Calls the Heart fans.  She took her own videos at the last Hearties fan reunion last October in Vancouver.  The lovely brunette actress is also famous for never forgetting birthdays. She proved it on April 20 when the new Mountie in Hope Valley, Kevin McGarry, was not left off her list.

Capturing the stud on the steed

Erin Krakow certainly has a way with the camera.  She frequently shares vistas from nature all around her. She posts sunsets in Vancouver to the sandy beaches of her Florida home.  The actress owned up to being “Exactly 1 Month Late” (yes, in capital letters) in wishing her handsome co-star, Kevin McGarry, a belated happy birthday.  She also gave the fans a treat in sharing the actor in his full red serge attire as he casually smiled on horseback.  Bets are that only Krakow could win that casual look like the photographer.

She closes her comments by saying “Can’t wait for the #Hearties to meet Constable Nathan Grant!” It will be here before you know it.

Kevin is about to show up

There’s no doubt that fan anticipation is at a peak. When Calls the Heart faithful viewers have been waiting since early March to see the debut of Kevin McGarry in “Heart of a Mountie” since early March.  Anticipation does indeed make the heart grow fonder. The yet-to-arrive castmate shouldn’t be concerned that no one will be watching, especially with Erin Krakow piquing the excitement. Hopefully, he can win them over as the new Mountie.

McGarry was most complimentary of his leading lady’s ability to let anyone doing a scene with her that “her mind is with you,” as he explained in February features.   The other newcomer to Hope Valley, Chris McNally, who portrays saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, applauded her effort to assure that her new castmates felt “comfortable” before any on-screen interaction.  No matter who eventually takes Elizabeth Thornton’s heart, it seems she can’t go wrong with either of these handsome new gentlemen.

Happy moments

Erin Krakow delights in spending time with her students as teacher Elizabeth Thornton, and Opal, played by Ava Grace Cooper, certainly steals her share of attention and memorable scenes.

The 34-year-old actress and her younger co-star have been spending time together on the Hallmark Channel movie feature, Dude Ranch, set for a summer release.  In a playful introduction, Krakow introduced Cooper as Annie, a completely darling little cowgirl!

In keeping with her uplifting vibe, Erin Krakow’s most recent post was splashed with colors, and asked, “What’s your happy place?”

When Calls the Heart faithful have no trouble coming up with an answer.  Sunday nights in front of the next episode of the family-friendly drama does the trick. In only two weeks, Erin Krakow and the rest of the cast will transport us to Hope Valley once again.

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