‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Week of April 15 Character Exits

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The path to true love never did run smooth.  The crew from Genoa City have a particularly rough time in the romance department.  Just when it seems a match is made something catastrophic happens. This week on The Young and the Restless they are having issues once again. Only in recent memory, things have been getting complicated.  Kyle married Summer while Lola was in a coma.  JT Hellstrom turned out not to be dead or a good father.  Most recently, Victoria seems to be running from a healthy relationship.  Billy has bent over backward for her, and she rewards him by running off to Vegas. Perhaps this week he will find comfort in the arms of someone unexpected.  Actors viewers love seem to be leaving the series left and right; a few shocking exits have been revealed this week.

Billy and Victoria Sitting in a Tree


Victoria returned from her bender in Vegas, only to tell Billy half-truths.  This week she comes clean about every she did while away.  Besotted Billy, accepts her story, false identities and all.  All signs and spoilers suggest that by week’s end Billy will be down on bended knee.  Will Victoria say yes?  Victoria wouldn’t know a healthy relationship if it hit her over the head.  She does know good hair. Billy’s hair is fine but is nothing like JT’s flaxen locks that come with a side of abuse.  She is not ready for a healthy relationship or all the wholesome kindness that Billy has to offer.  If she does say yes, it will be a disastrous relationship.

Phyllis and Billy…together??


Is it possible that a jilted Billy runs into the arms as the farthest thing from Victoria he can think of? Maybe.  Billy and Phyllis are seen together at odds.  Is it business or pleasure? Simmering attraction and a hard bargain look shockingly similar. He is an Abbott, so he does have a vested interest in Jabot and all the scheming afoot.  He is also an Abbott so; the strange attraction is as likely.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Jack go toe to toe and fight for power over Jabot.  Dina warns Jack that he is sullying the legacy of his father’s brand with his behavior. When dealing with slimy Ashley, a bit of firepower and subterfuge is required.

Back to Work


Lola has been cleared for work by the doctors, as long as she takes things slow.  Lola is not going to take things slow.  Perhaps the task of starting a new business will keep her busy enough that she doesn’t think about Kyle.  For someone with half a brain, he commands a lot of attention from the women of Genoa City.  Once again, the possibility of her leaving Kyle alone seems highly unlikely. Perhaps being out of the house will give her a good cover story to sneak around with Summer’s husband.

Meanwhile, Lola’s brothers Arturo and Rey broker a deal. As actor Jason Canela will soon be exiting the series and this plot will lay the groundwork for his exit.  Gina Togioni also exits the series this week.  She has been in the role of Phyllis Summers Abbot for some time.  Her replacement will be Michelle Stafford who originated the role. While comings and going are the nature of the Soap business it seems that this series has been particularly rife with exits lately.  Perhaps there is something deeper going on behind the scenes.

To find out more about love in Genoa City watch The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.

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