Erin Krakow Still Sharing When Calls the Heart News But Not Budging on Romance Hints for Elizabeth

Erin Krakow

Erin Krakow certainly knows that media sources everywhere are buzzing with the big news of When Calls the Heart returning in May.  The beautiful leading lady who brings Elizabeth Thornton to life surprised fans on Wednesday, May 10, with the news.

It was impossible to miss the actress gracing TV screens with the announcement since her bright yellow dress had the gleam of a million daisy bouquets!

On Thursday, April 11, Erin dropped by Home & Family to chat with hosts, Cameron Mathison and Debbie Matenopoulos, and she’s still got her thing for glowing neon colors, almost as bright as her smile.

Not even good friends get the scoop

Erin Krakow has visited the Hallmark Channel morning show dozens of times through her six seasons of portraying When Calls the Heart’s cherished teacher.  She even opened the broadcast with her visit Thursday, wearing a dazzling pink blazer over her white T-shirt.  Her ensemble was completed with casually-chic light blue jeans, and spiked stilettos with just a touch of complementary pink.

Debbie took the bright yellow fashion page from Erin Krakow, and she might have thought that she could get some tidbits from her “good friend” as she gushed.  Think again, because Erin wasn’t about to divulge any juicy details at this early stage, not even to Debbie.

The When Calls the Heart star did her duty.  She repeated the special two-night, two new episode event for the runaway hit drama, which started Season 6 off more successfully than ever.  She praised new co-star, Kevin McGarry, as “a great actor, and he’s playing a great character,” but when Debbie tried to get Erin Krakow to dish on details between the two characters, it didn’t work.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Erin playfully responded.  “I just think you’re rushing things much too much!”

She did say that she and the entire cast were very excited to introduce new Mountie, Nathan Grant, to all the Hearties.

Heads up for Saturday

The preview clip that Erin Krakow of When Calls the Heart brought Thursday was no different from the one that accompanied her big news on Wednesday.  It portrays lumber mill owner, Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith) returning from a chase for perpetrators with Nathan Grant.  He comments that the new protector in town doesn’t have a lot to say.

“Only when something needs to be said,” comes the response from Grant.

This character is a very different one from that of Jack Thornton, who became the love of Elizabeth’s life.  Still, Elizabeth had suitors before Jack, as fans saw in Season 2. In his parting letter, Jack pleaded for Elizabeth to find love again.

Right now, her son, Jack is the sum of her life, along with her teaching and her circle of friends.   Nonetheless, every heart can be open to accommodating new love and new people, and one of the handsome new gentlemen in Hope Valley, Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally), has already taken a fancy to her.

The Hallmark Channel announced on social media that another big announcement regarding When Calls the Heart would come Saturday, April 13, during “Bottled With Love,” so curious fans should tune in.

When Calls the Heart is sure to hold children, choices, romance, and adventure to delight Hearties all through Season 6!

Tresa Patterson

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  1. I would love to see Elizabeth find love again, I don’t think that no other man can replace Jack but Elizabeth deserves someone that doesn’t remind her or even looks like Jack. Lucus the bartender was kind of jerk not saying every man should be like Jack but Jack wasn’t a jerk. Speaking of new love I was hoping for Bill and Abigail would get back together in season 7 but after all that happened with Lori that played Abigail we don’t know for sure if that ever happen. I am happy that Carson and Faith gotten together they deserved each other I have always known they would get together exspecail when Faith was jealous when Carson has shown interested in another woman I am glad that the writers saw that Carson and Faith was made for each other.

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