Will ‘Gold Rush’ Season 10 Feature Parker Vs Rick Rivalry?

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The miners are getting ready to head north for the Gold Rush Season 10. Now that Season 9 is done, a lot of the extra drama has been hashed out. Most of this drama has been between Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel. Has this set up Parker and his former foreman for a Season 10 rivalry?

Is Gold Rush Season 10 A Delayed Reaction?

When Rick started his first season as a new mine boss, he wasn’t even close to being prepared for the mining season. Most of the reason is that his mother passed away from a brain tumor in March 2018, just weeks before he had to leave for the Yukon.

Once he arrived at his Yukon claim, with his Milwaukee pals, who all lacked any gold mining experience, he needed to scramble for equipment. He knew his old mining boss Parker was going to give him a bonus, but he didn’t see his money. Rick got tired of waiting and went to see Parker to get the money he thought he was owed. He felt bad he was put in this uncomfortable position. Parker didn’t think he needed to give a Rick a performance bonus because he quit his crew. Yet, Rick noted that Parker got two jet boats for fifty grand, and he spent nearly $3 million in repairing and buying a new dozer.

In the end, Parker gave him $50,000, about $30,000 short of the money that Rick thought he should have received. He was furious at Parker, and it is clear that this friendship is now sour. Was this the reason that Rick didn’t join Parker for the new season of Parker’s Trail: Papua New Guinea? No. Rick explained on The Dirt that he needed a break. His previous offseason was in Guyana, then his mother’s illness and death. Then, he was scrambling to get ready for his first season as a mining boss. He needed the time off to catch his space.

Parker Thought That Rick Was His Friend

Chris Doumitt has summed it all up best when he explained that Parker thought that Rick was very close friends. It appears that Rick has always just considered Parker his boss, and his pals are clearly his Milwaukee friends. Parker has seemed hurt about this betrayal and says that “Rick Ness does not like me.”

This may be a foreshadowing for Season 10. This small bonus scene was a brief encounter early in the season. But, because it was recently revisited, it seems that Discovery is setting up Parker vs Rick. Will there be other situations? Right now, the only person that Parker may run into is Tony Beets, as Parker and his crew try to get water and a road through Tony’s claim to get to their own claim.

What do you think about the Parker Schnabel vs Rick Ness rivalry? Do you think that Parker was obligated to pay Rick, or do you think that Rick forfeited his bonus when he left Parker? Please share your opinions below in the comments field. Don’t forget, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 3, without Rick Ness, will premiere on April 5, at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT, on Discovery.

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    1. When Rick quit he forfeited any BONUS. It was not contractual nor salary or wages. And Parkers workers get paid to do their jobs. Rick was a foreman. He was to run the job site. And he screwed up more thsn a little. Parker was nice to have given him 50k. And the bonus has nothing to do with anything else like other bills or purchases. Its Parkers sole decision based on his opinion.

  1. 50k as a BONUS! On top of his usual salary… That’s like 80k for 6 months…. Even a top lawyer in a good law firm only makes 100k-120k a year. He made 80 in 6 months! In addition to that he gets earning through the TV series! I expect at least another 50k. He makes 130k dollar in 6 months and then gets money through parker trails (I guess another 20k) So he makes 150k a year and he only works for 7-8 months. How greedy can Rick be? HOnestly he is filthy rich for what he is doing.

  2. You guys are crazy. I was a 25 year old civil Superintendent and did 70 million dollar projects. Most were 250k and took 9 months. But I treated my men good and they treated me good. They knew everyday what i expected to get finished and what goal i was trying to hit that week. Parker dont know how to treat people.
    Would he have gotten that extra million if Rick went home cause a lot of the crew would of left with him.
    He met his goal and pushed them 2 weeks in the freeze. He was greedy . The gold would have been there next year and he would of gotten more money with a 5 percent less payout to Tony Beets. I’ve never heard that the harder you work and more gold you find the percentage goes up. It should be an incentive to go down. Parker makes this Show. Because Todd Hoffman was a joke and a laughing stock. That’s why the ratings were so well . People wanted to see the hypocrite fail.
    But back to the Bonus. Rick should of gotten his bonus before he went home that winter. Yes it depends on how much gold he can turn and burn , keep the operation moving , and get out of the ground. If you have never worked construction you dont know what I’m talking about.
    There were times i told my crew they could go home as soon as they got finished with the project I had set and everything cleaned up. If one needed to take off half a day to go to Dr. Or apt. I paid them. That’s 5 hours they would of missed. My jobs made 30 to 60 percent profit to. I kept track. I was my timekeeper, safety man , and Secretary also.
    I worked my self in the ground . My last year I worked 14 hours a day and 7 days a week my last year. I got 12 years in the Carpenters local and got paid for 20 when I couldnt walk for 3 years and had to file for disability. That was at 31 years old and 25 years ago. My health just turned worse. I had the widow maker heart attack and did Not know it because I had a cyst on my pancreas and had pancreatitis at same time.
    I just got back home from Cleveland Clinic first of March after a month. The heart attack threw a 2inch by 1 inch clot into my left ventricle in Apex. It killed part of my heart so bad they couldn’t bypass. They were going to give me medicine and send me home. But she tried to put a stent in and ended up getting 2 in the artery next to the 100 percent widowmaker. The clot will never go away ,only harden. I have 30 percent ejection fraction. sadIt’s sad. I have 3 kids. A daughter 23 and an RN. She just found out I was going to be a papaw. 2 sons. 1 19 in college. First freshman ever to get an internship from Eastern Kentucky University. He is going to be An OSHA safety man. Whew.
    3rd caused me to have my heart attack. Lol. He is just turned 15 and is a freshman and plays baseball but has a 3.8gpa. But I had to chase him around the block Nov. 11th that caused it. Lol. Got to love the teenager know it alls. I had let him have a friend spend the night and I was awake at 1am watching bowl games Saturday Nov. 11th. Ordered them pizza and let the boy leave and go get his 360 also. He came in shorts and tee shirt only and it was 22°F that night.
    Well 1am I yelled downstairs to the finished living room with bedroom . My 19 year olds room. I walked down and saw pop cans all over coffee table and what looked like 2 boys asleep under covers in 15 minutes in bed. I almost walked back upstairs.
    But I knew better and pulled covers back and pillows their.
    I texted my son and told him his ass was grass.woke his step mom, my bff up.
    He came back in but refused to come upstairs. I had been so good to them. We asked him where the other boy went . He said he didn’t know and refused to try and tell me. I told him that I was responsible for that kid. If he got hurt. His mom could sue me. We would be liable and I could go to jail??
    It did not phase him. So I called boys mother onmessenger. She was 10 min away in another state at her boyfriend’s and told me she never knew where he stand? So my madness shifted to her. It was 130am. Next step call the cops. He showed up and knew the kid and knew what house to go to to find him. Knew his mother to. So he found him and my only responsibility was my 14 yearold. My wife just has to be the Special Education Director at the school and she assured me he was a good kid. The boy was 16 also. Wow. He never would come upstairs cause he said I would beat him. I’ve only spanked him on his butt and hadnt done that in years. I take xboxes and phones away. That hurts worse. Well after 2 hours of me not raising my voice and begging him to get into his bedroom, nope. So I walked down the steps to carry him up. I have an implanted pain pump in now and cant lift much. So ge ran out the back door and I had on shorts and socks. I thought he was in sleep clotges( I guess he slept with everything on in case he had to bolt and didnt sleep. Lol)
    But I chased him all around the block and the house twice and when I hit the front door, I hit the floor out of breath. Told wife uh call the cops back and tell them to send someone meaner. They did.
    He told that cop he would rather go to j juve than live with me??? The cop told him no he wouldnt . He told cop he has watched scared straight and it dont scare him. Lord I have a friend that works at boys farm that would let me bring him up for a weelend.He told cop I hear him. The cop told him he would hold him while I switched his butt.
    But that’s the day I had it. Nov. 11th
    The boy hasnt acted out since. But his mother babies him and gave in on his punishment, so I’m out on discipline him and he can live with her.
    Thanks for listening. But parker owed Rick a Foremans bonus. What it dont show you is how many days Parker is gone and who keeps the job going, break downs and all.

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