Michael Muhney: Where Has He Been During The ‘Y&R’ Adam Newman Casting Rumors?

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Former Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney has been suspiciously absent from social media since January 27. Where has he been the last two months? And is the dream of fan favorite Muhney becoming Adam Newman now over?

Michael Muhney’s Last Tweet January 27

As TV Shows Ace previously noted, there were two occasions that Muhney fans would have expected that the former Y&R star would have broken his silence. First, on February 3, his former costar Kristoff St. John, who portrayed Neil Winters passed away. It was very uncharacteristic of him to not post anything about the death of his former costar, although Kristoff had originally believed that Michael was fired for the defamations. According to She Knows, Kristoff had later apologized for being mistaken.

Then,  on March 6, Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek announced that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Michael lost an uncle to that form of cancer and has done a lot of charitable work and fundraisers to help find a cure. Again, this was unusual for the actor that supports this particular charity that is close to him.

Although Michael Muhney has not posted anything himself, he has been tagged on social media quite a bit. Where has Michael been the last two months?

Michael Muhney Releases His New Head Shots

Michael Muhney’s last tweet was from his photo shoot. His son Truman had joined him on this adventure, but Michael did not share the final headshots on social media. Fans who have checked out Michael’s page can see two black and white head shots of the actor. If Michael Muhney is taking headshots, does this mean he is auditioning for new roles?

We know nothing about that. Did he audition for the role of Adam Newman? His fans would love to see him portray Victor Newman’s youngest son. Right now, Soap Opera Digest has reported that a “spokesperson”  has “confirmed” that Mark Grossman will portray Adam Newman on the Young and the Restless. There has been so many rumors surrounding a recast and whether Muhney or another actor would be recast as Adam that it is hard to feel comfortable making a firm announcement without the direct confirmation from the CBS show, or Muhney posting on his social media that he is or he is not going to reprise his role as Adam Newman. So far, he has not done anything like this.

Michael And Derek Muhney Catch Up with Their Mom

On February 25, Michael’s mom posted a photo with her favorite Adam Newman and her other son, Michael’s brother Derek. She explained that the photo was taken at 6:00 a.m. and that she lacked makeup. She did have a cutie pie chihuahua dog in her hand instead.

Michael has a huge smile for the camera and it is clear that he got his wide smile and dimples from his mom. Muhney fans who have heard Phil Gaimon’s podcast interview with him know that she encouraged him to dream and pursue acting. His mom loved Alfred Hitchcock movies and that was a huge influence on young Michael. In this tweet she does not account the reason for this mini-family reunion, but it is good to see Michael looking so handsome even at that early time of day.


Truman Muhney On Bike Ride Cameo With Phil Gaimon

In March, Michael Muhney has spent quality time with his biking riding friends, including Phil Gaimon. Gaimon is a former professional road racing cyclist who also hosts the podcast The Peloton Brief. On March 13, Phil and Michael enjoyed the incredible migration of the monarch butterflies in California. Michael was so moved he even imitated a butterfly. Pretty fun stuff!

Most recently, on March 24, Michael’s youngest child, Truman, had a cameo with his dad’s bike riding pals, including Phil Gaimon, who posted this photo on his social media. Where is Michael? it could be presumed that he took this photo, but we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that Truman looks quite adorable!

Fans who may have been concerned by Michael Muhney’s Twitter silence should be reassured that the actor looks quite happy. Why hasn’t he posted anything? This is the biggest mystery. Why has he not posted these photos himself, or posted a comment on the Adam Newman recast? Perhaps Muhney does not want to disappoint fans or get their hopes up until he has landed a role somewhere. This is all a huge mystery.

Have you been following Michael Muhney since his Twitter silence? Why do you think he has been silent on his own social media? Share your predictions below. Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.



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  1. I will never watch this show again. Michael Muhney should be hired back as Adam Newman. He is an electrifying actor and owns the role and is beloved by fans. Give the new guy something else to day. – If the decision is true,I am angry and will ever watch the show again.

  2. Michael Muhney is Adam …y & r had made yet another stupid choice…my y & r days are sadly over, no Michael no me…

  3. If the rumor is true, then YR has made another very bad casting decision. It feels like they want to crash their ratings. No Michael,, no me. I have watched since the beginning. Many of us feel this way.

  4. MM is a gifted and compelling actor with a faithful fan base. I’m more than disappointed in the choice not to recast him. Not to mention completely perplexed with the choice to cast such a young actor. Wishing YR the best and excited to move on and follow wherever MM goes. He will make any role unforgettable.

  5. No Micheal Muhney on the young and restless what a disappointment having waiting like so many others. I will no longer be taping this soap , very upset that the producers and CBS don’t care what the fans want.

    1. Wow I’ve been watching y&r for 35 years and this is the biggest blunder they’ve ever made,MM was and is the Only Adam Newman,the guy playing the part now just doesn’t make the cut

  6. Eric Braeden needs to stop being jealous of Michael Muhney , who by the way out acts him in every scene! Hes ruining the show with his input. Everyone knows hes the puppet master over at YandR!

  7. Michael Muhney needs to be brought back to Y&R as the new guy isn’t cutting it. He’s not very talented and the writers should give their heads a shake! The new guy can’t act! SO get Michael back ASAP.

  8. Bring Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman. This new Adam just doesn’t work for me. I’ve waited so long for Michael to come back, as did many other fans. Obviously the powers that be at Y and R don’t care about the fans who made the show number one. So I no longer watch the show. Everyone should grow up.

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