‘RHOBH’ News: Teddi Mellencamp isn’t Looking to Repair Friendship with Lisa Vanderpump

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Friendships are a big focus of this season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Newcomer Denise Richards is forming friendships with the other ladies, including Lisa Vanderpump. Meanwhile, Lisa’s friendships with the other ladies are going down in flames one by one.

During the March 19th episode, viewers saw Lisa’s friendship with Dorit Kemsley implode. Dorit and Lisa’s friendship became more and more strained as the season has progressed due to Puppygate.

Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

At the center of PuppyGate is the horribly named, but super cute puppy Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy. Lucy was adopted by Dorit from Lisa’s dog rescue, Vanderpump Dogs. The dog wasn’t a good fit for Dorit’s family. She gave the dog away to an acquaintance who then relinquished Lucy to a shelter. Per Dorit’s contract, the dog was supposed to have been returned to Vanderpump Dogs, not a high-kill shelter.

The dog was eventually returned to Vanderpump Dogs and that’s when the drama began. The employees at Vanderpump Dogs brought the dog out when Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Kyle Richards were there. The employees told Teddi and Kyle about the Dorit situation, though it turns out Teddi already knew.


This is where the story differs – Teddi and Kyle, thanks to Lisa Rinna’s theory, think Lisa V. set them up to be at the dog rescue and instructed her employees to bring out the dog. Lisa V. claims that not only is she innocent of this, she has text messages to prove that Teddi was behind it. As fans know, Teddi and Dorit have their own issues with each other.

It was during the March 19th episode that Teddi finally came clean to Dorit and the other ladies. She admitted that she did play a role in setting up the drama. She still insists it was at Lisa V.’s behest. Dorit chose to forgive Teddi because Teddi “took responsibility” for her actions, but now her friendship with Lisa V. is on the rocks because Dorit feels betrayed.

What about Kyle?

For months prior to Season 9 airing, there were rumors about a big fall out between Lisa V. and her long-time ally on the show, Kyle. Viewers saw a teaser of Ken kicking Kyle out of one of their restaurants, but that is still playing out on the show. However, both Lisa V. and Kyle have admitted they haven’t spoken in months and their friendship is over. It doesn’t seem to be improving either.

Teddi and Lisa V. had always gotten along on RHOBH,  but according to Teddi Mellencamp, she’s not looking to fix the friendship after Puppygate. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Teddi says, “a [friendship] is not something I’m seeking.” Both stars were in attendance for Denise’s wedding back in September, which will be shown on the episode airing March 26. It’s most likely one of the last times Lisa V. filmed with her co-stars, as she refused to do so for the second half of the season.

Despite this, Teddi Mellencamp also said that she hopes Lisa V. does make it to the reunion. There has been rampant speculation that Lisa might not show up. Teddi said, “This is a show we all signed up for so I hope she comes.”

Fans of the show will have to wait a few more months for the reunion episodes. In the meantime, tune in to Bravo on Tuesdays to see how Lisa V.’s friendships with the other ladies play out. Don’t miss The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

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