‘When Calls The Heart’ Season 7 Has Not Been Confirmed

Daniel Lissing (Jack Thornton), Lori Loughlin (Abilgail Stanton), Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton), When Calls The Heart-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzwp14nCtBY

When Calls The Heart producers have promised fans to hang on for Season 6, but #hearties are worried because WCTH Season 7 has yet to be confirmed. Can the beloved Hallmark series go on without Lori Loughlin? Could the retooled, remaining WCTH Season 6 be the finale?

Could WCTH Season 7 Be Canceled?

When Calls The Heart producers have promised #hearties Season 6, after they have retooled the remaining episodes of Season 6. The producers and stars of the show have repeatedly promised that the show is not canceled, but after they tweak Season 6 episodes, they will release the episodes. Yet, despite assurances that the show is not canceled, there is still no confirmation on whether there will be a WCTH Season 7.

This lack of confirmation could be based on one of two reasons. The executive producers may decide to see what happens with their “retooling” of the already shot Season 6 episodes. Will fans like the changes made? There is a general assumption that they are going to remove or replace Lori Loughlin from the remaining episodes. This may not  necessarily be the case.

There is still the possibility that they are leaving Loughlin in the episodes and wrapping up the series with a definitive ending. #Hearties have expressed concern about the status of their show on social media. They fear that it will still get the ax like Lori Loughlin’s other series, Garage Sale Mystery. It seems like from the beginning, Lori Loughlin’s presence helped give this show staying power. It would make sense if her departure could mean the end of the entertaining Hope Valley stories.


Lori Loughlin Instrumental In WCTH Going To Series

It seems almost fate that back in 2017, Lori told the Today Show, that she was invited to film a bit role for just one day,  on the When Calls The Heart two-hour movie shoot. The producers of the show thought that with her Full House star power, they had a better chance of taking this show into series. They were right. She not only joined the show, but she became one of the biggest stars of the most popular series that Hallmark has ever produced. She also became an executive producer of the show based on the Janette Oke book.

Ironically, in the same interview, Kathy Lee Gifford asked Lori about finding the work/life balance with her two daughters. Lori explained that as she got older, she took on more Hallmark roles, which were filmed mainly in Vancouver. She explained that their father, Mossimo Gianulli was home with the girls 24/7. Yet,  at the same time, both Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose were able to learn how to shop at the market and cook for themselves. Lori thought that it was important for both girls to learn this sort of independence.

Are you concerned that WCTH Season 7 will not happen? Do you think that When Calls The Heart will cancel after the retooled Season 6 airs? Does WCTH need to have Lori Loughlin in order to be successful? #Hearties, please share your comments and feelings below. Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for the latest in When Calls The Heart news.

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  1. I think that Hallmark should continue to film and air WCTH. Viewers were really upset with Hallmark killing off Jack in Season 5-with many threatening to not watch it at all ever again. True WCTH fans were encouraged when Season 6 started with the birth of little Jack. They even became more encouraged with the new saloon owner and promise of a new mountie(Kevin McGarry from Heartland) coming in the new episode which failed to air with the Lori Laughlin controversy. I believe that Hallmark might still have a chance if they didn’t cancel WCTH- then they announced the Garage Sale Mysteries was being cancelled.
    I believe that Hallmark made a major mistake with that choice. As far as replacing Abigail/Lori Loughlin, she is not replaceable. Substituting for her is not a good choice either. If Hallmark were to substitute another cast member in her place, the former character would be destroyed off. Cancelling WCTH permanently or after Season 6 has been retooled, I believe would seal Hallmark’s fate. Fans would leave the fan base and cost Direct TV-or other cable providers- money as they would drop them, being unwilling to face more disappointments.

  2. The show must go on to season 7 and more. There are too many of us to cancel after season 6. I believe there will be just as much interest without Daniel Lissing and Lori Loughlin. Abby can be replaced. There are many actresses that could/would pull it off. Please keep going!i love this show!

    1. WCTH is a family show, one that thousands enjoy. It has undergone many changes and survived and I believe it will this time as well. You have a great cast going for you. I can turn on WCTH and see almost all my favorite Hallmark actors on one show. Pure enjoyment. That in itself will keep people watching. Yes we all love Lori Loughlin, but we also love the other cast members as well. So yes, great storyline, great cast, great fan base to keep the show on. So as they say in Hollywood, ON WITH THE SHOW.

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