‘The Bachelor’ News: Colton Underwood Earns Record Of Most Dumped Bachelor Ever

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Throughout the season, Colton Underwood professed how badly he wanted to get engaged at the end of the season. He constantly brought up that his greatest fear has been that at the end of all of this. He fears he will have selected a woman who is not ready to get engaged.

Colton has broken hearts before

After appearing on Becca’s season of The Bachelorette, Colton broke Tia Booth’s heart during Bachelor in Paradise (BIP). Then he secured the sought-after role of The Bachelor. Producers seem to think he’d make a fantastic Bachelor with his blonde hair, blue-eyed All-American looks, plus chiseled body as a pro-athlete. Being a popular catch with the ladies, yet still remaining a virgin in his mid-twenties due to focusing on his sports career gave him a unique perspective no other Bachelor has had except for born-again virgin Sean Lowe (who chose the lifestyle for religious reasons).

Colton seemed to have it all. He has looks, body, personality, and career. So is he a lousy kisser, have stinky breath or bad B.O.? While men get turned on by unflowering an innocent conquest, could it be that maybe most women insist on a man who knows what he’s doing in the bedroom?

Girls keep leaving Colton behind

Sorry, Colton, but you are the most-dumped lead in the franchise’s long 18-year history. Ouch. That has got to hurt. More ladies have voluntarily left Colton than even Season 18’s extremely unpopular Juan Pablo Galavis.

In case you haven’t been keeping score and need a reminder, halfway through the season, red-headed Elyse realized the show’s formulaic process wouldn’t allow her enough time to properly date him. (This may also explain why she was never considered for The Bachelorette role). Next Sydney looked around at everyone else that Colton had narrowed it down to and concluded that Colton wasn’t interested in a woman like her. “With the choices you’ve been making, you’re taking a lot of easier choices with the people you are pursuing.”

Even “Never been kissed” Heather Martin seem to have gotten all she wanted out of Colton. She politely eliminated herself before hometown dates, hinting that the two of them were on more of a friend track. She’d rather return home as having been “kissed by The Bachelor,” but not put her family through meeting someone she did not see long-term potential with.


Colton is probably not used to getting three strikes. He probably would have survived, but as we all know by now what happened during his fantasy suite date with his favorite contestant, Cassie Randolph. Now, he has to try and win back his girl.

Bachelorette girls have struck out before

If you didn’t keep score, four people have removed themselves prior to a rose ceremony with Colton. Prior to Colton’s season, there had only been two women who had ever voluntarily left during Juan Pablo’s season, as well during Ben Higgins. If it’s any conciliation for Colton, the record is three departures during the Bachelorette season. This occurred in season 7 for Ashley Hebert and Season 11 for Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson. (By the way, does Caelynn remind anyone else a bit of Britt? It’s the long locks.)

Two guys also jumped ship in season nine for Desiree Hartsock. In fact, many are comparing Brooks Forester breaking Des’ heart to what Cassie did to Colton. But Des continued the season getting engaged to Chris Siegfried and they are happily married with two sons. But Colton has already announced on national television that he does not want his two other remaining ladies, Tayisha or Hannah B.

So how will Colton rebound from being the most dumped Bachelor ever? Will Cassie give him another chance? Will either of his other two finalists want to be his conciliation prize?

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