‘Married at First Sight’ Star Kate Sisk Gets Upset Over Mother-in-Law’s Comments on ‘Unfiltered’

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Tuesday night on  Married at First Sight: Unfiltered (hosted by Jamie Otis),  Luke Cuccurullo watched a short video of his mother. In the video, Luke’s mother asked Luke’s wife (Kate Sisk) if she felt that, in the future, her relationship with her husband would continue any further.

The video that upset Kate

Kate was appalled at hearing that Luke’s mother was hinting that her marriage was going to end or it was about to end. She began to think, “If no one thinks this is going to work out, why are we even talking about this anymore.” Kate was distraught to us as viewers watched Luke’s mother speaking. Kate said, “I have put all of my effort into the marriage and my expectations are not being met.” They have had problems. That isn’t a secret at all.

Luke breaks into tears

After viewing this statement from Kate, Luke began to cry. When he had pulled together he said, ”My mom knows pretty much what is going on at all times.” Luke has previously told Jamie that he is not physically attracted to his wife Kate. He then spoke saying, “I think it’s very telling if you are chatting with your mom every day and she feels like the marriage is at its end.”

Luke again began to choke up and said, “This was… I don’t know. I went in so hopeful but it was just not what you’d expect.” Jamie said Luke had given Kate “blow after blow after blow” hinting at the fact that Kate drank more than she should have. Luke then said, “It’s fine.” Jamie clapped back saying it was not “fine” because he was not telling Kate how he truly felt. Jamie isn’t shy about sharing her thoughts.

How Luke is feeling now

After more discussion, Married at First Sight expert, Dr. Jessica Griffin, and Luke’s co-star, Kristine Killingsworth, spoke up about how they thought Luke was acting. One quote from Dr. Griffin caught our attention. It was, “Luke, you do not have to be a villain.” He was implying that his way of going about the problem was wrong.

Luke was angered by this statement, although his face seemed almost unbothered. The conversation between the three began to dwindle as Luke was becoming less responsive to the questions asked by Kristine. Luke repeatedly said, “I don’t know” and fiddled with his hands.

Dr. Griffin then said to Luke that he could answer what he was comfortable with. Luke responded by saying, “Ok” and then asked for a break. Dr. Griffin proposed to Luke that they could either take a break or move on from the subject entirely. Luke left the room and the segment ended.

Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of Married at First Sight on Lifetime. You will want to see Kate and Luke.

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  1. Why aren,t the producers protecting Kate from Luke. And why didn,t the producers tell her to pack a bag on their one month anniversary while Luke was with his friends instead of being with her. This is abuse , no question. Kate is clearly mentally fatigued at this point. If this keeps I’m done with this show. Abuse is not fun to watch.

    1. Luke was told to man up, obviously he does not know what that means. Luke was lucky toGail have Kate, any other woman would have put him in his place after his remarks about the kiss and then drinking. The producers should have thrown him off the show, and possibly offered to help Kate find a real husband.

  2. Are you sure Luke is not gay ???Just had not came out to his family and friends???? He has all the signs!!?

  3. These two deserve each other. Luke is not interested in kissing, petting or having sex. Kate is not the right gender it is obvious. Luke’s mother was trying to.hint to.Kate because the mom.knows what is wrong with her son. Kate on the other hand is a wet dish rag when it comes to Luke. She is too dumb to see what he is doing – gaslighting! Rent the movie if you don’t know what that is. Also she talks like a 13 year old who is afraid to open her mouth to someone in authority. All she needs to complete the picture is to stick her thumb in her.mouth and start twirling her hair. Kate should have packed up when Luke told her that kissing her was repulsive and he felt dead inside. I blame Kate more in this relationship because to Luke she is the equivalence of a floor mat you walk on. Speak up and tell his ass off. The hell with trying to remain friends. Kate, are you really going to want to talk with Luke after your friends tell you the truth and laugh in your face?

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