‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Lola Rosales is in Trouble

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On The Young and the Restless, Lola Rosales and Kyle Abbott were a hot item until Summer Newman returned to town. Their perfect union crumbled almost immediately with Summer back in the equation. Which brings to light the question: was Kyle and Lola’s relationship so perfect in the first place? Between Kyle being unable to control his urges and “keep it in his pants” as one wise commenter suggested and Lola with her morals preaching from an ivory tower, these two are irritating.  Despite what the surface indicates the Kyle/Lola matchup is more terrible cliche than a match made in heaven.


Lola Found Unresponsive

Following their very public breakup at the Crimson room, Lola drowned. In the pool, she floats face down.  Kyle still heartbroken finds his past love and attempts to rescue her. His instinct is to believe that Summer caused her bodily harm. This conclusion makes sense but what would be her motive? Lola was already out of the way and not much of a detriment to Summer’s relationship with Kyle. Summer would behave the way she has regardless of Lola. Not to mention, Summer is capable of inflicting psychological pain but, much less capable of physical violence (without the help of a car). The point is moot. Lola’s attacker came from another source.

Who is Lola Rosales?


Lola loves to talk about her morals and take the high ground, especially when comparing herself to Summer.  She makes a particular show of her virginity. While it is generally unimportant whether Lola is or isn’t, it is an interesting twist in the context of her behavior if Lola wasn’t one at all. Perhaps she is covering up for a dark past and furthermore, dislikes Summer implicitly because Summer reminds her of a messy past life. Is it possible that the Rosales are more deeply involved with the death/disappearance of JT than viewers suspect?

Given that Arturo has been brought in for questioning, she may know more than her exterior suggests. Rey has also turned his back on Sharon following her groundbreaking confession. Is all this behavior the sum of a more significant issue? Could someone powerful attack Lola to keep the family quiet?

If Lola holds more details that could implicate Nikki and the rest of the Newman family this would paint a proverbial target on her back especially given her overtly moralistic leanings.  Lola might be more interesting than she has let on but it might also be too late, there are rumblings of her character’s departure from the show.  What does the future hold for the Rosales family?  At this point, who’s to say, but the fans are going to have to watch The Young and the Restless to find out.

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