Meet the 6 New Singles on Netflix’s New Series: Dating Around

Dating Around Netflix

After she spent 11 years as a producer on ABC’s hit show, The Bachelor, Alycia Rossiter was over the fantasy. She didn’t want to move forward with any more dating shows. In fact, she had moved on to working on a new show that reunites casts of high school musicals years later as adults. Definitely far from rose ceremonies and group dates.

Insert a new proposal for a dating show with a very tempting and simple plot: six single individuals going out on five blind first dates. Rossiter saw The Bachelor for what it really is, a fantasy. Netflix’s new series, Dating Around, is the exact opposite. For this very reason, Rossiter accepted and believes it’s a good reason viewers will be attracted to the show.

Released on Valentine’s Day, because #love, Dating Around devotes an entire episode to following one of the singles on five first dates. At the conclusion of each episode, the single at the center then chooses who they would like to pursue for a second night out. This cast is refreshingly the most diverse we have seen from any dating show yet. It features those from the LGBTQ community, elders, and many from different ethnicities.

TV Shows Ace wants to give you a glimpse of the pilot season singles:

Episode 1: Luke

A 28-year-old North Carolina native, Luke is a real estate agent. He is looking for a woman who can keep up and support his active lifestyle, has a strong personality, and takes care of her body.

Episode 2: Gurki

A 37-year-old senior buyer for jewelry at Barneys, Gurki thought she found love and was married at 25. When she discovered her husband had an affair, Gurki ended her marriage and is now single and ready to date again. She’s looking for someone to match her ambition and is not going to rush her into walking down the aisle again.

Episode 3: Lex

Lex is 36 and calls Southern California home. He is a scenic and costume production designer in theater. Lex travels a lot for his career and looking for a partner who is down for a night in.

Episode 4: Leonard

Oh, Leonard. He is a 70-year-old former lawyer and private investigator. Following the death of his wife three years ago, Leonard is ready to find love again after being married to his sweetheart for 34 years. This Bronx native finds comfort in a good martini and is looking for a bright liberal woman who also sees age as only a number.

Episode 5: Sarah

Sarah is a 25-year-old hailing from North Carolina. She moved to New York City for an ex. When she is not at her job as an analytic recruiter, you can find Sarah writing historical erotica, participating in trivia competitions, and swing dancing. She is looking for a guy who can go out and is down for a night in.

Episode 6: Mila

Mila, a 24-year-old sales associate moved to New York four years ago after her mother found out she was gay. She is also a makeup artist and model who is looking for a passionate woman with confidence and a career who wants to start a family down the line.

Stay Tuned!

Do you like the fantasy of The Bachelor? Are you excited about a new dating series? Let us know in the comments below. We’re fans of both!
Dating Around, which is Netflix’s first dating show (but not first reality series), is now streaming. 
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