‘A Million Little Things’ Episode ‘The Rock’ Leaves Us With More Questions, Few Answers

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This week’s episode of A Million Little Things was titled The Rock. It shows us that life goes on and that the show is about so much more than just figuring out who Barbara Morgan really is.

Some viewers disappointed

For this very reason, you have two very divided audience groups regarding last night’s episode which focused on Rome, Katherine, Eddie, Gary and Maggie.  Many viewers were disappointed because the mystery surrounding Barbara Morgan was not part of the storyline until the last scene.

Others were able to recognize the true beauty of both the show and this particular episode which excels at portraying real, complex human relationships and a seesaw of raw emotions. Rome’s relationship with his father and younger brother was explored. Katherine declared that Delilah could no longer be Theo’s guardian because she slept with her husband.

Jon has been described as being there for everyone. Since his passing, Gary has really turned into the group’s rock (hence the name of the episode) Gary agrees to raise Theo anything should happen to Katherine and Eddie. He finds out why Danny is upset after his movie date for Delilah. Most importantly, he puts on a brave face and takes Maggie to Plymouth Rock to be able to check something off of her bucket list immediately after learning that his friend Linda has died from cancer.

This episode’s dedication

The episode was dedicated “to all the Linda’s we lost” which includes crew member Chad’s own sister Nicole Rose Fitz and three of Allison Miller’s (actor who plays Maggie) personal relatives (her nonna, aunt and uncle). It was such a beautiful and loving tribute to recognize and remember all the Lindas we’ve lost to cancer.

Maggie has surgery in the next episode The Rosary. Will she pull through? Was Linda the character Gary was referring to when he exclaimed, “She’s Gone.” Who are Barbara Morgan, Mrs. Nelson, Mitch and PJ?

Great news: DJ Nash tweeted that the show has been approved for 22 episodes next season. A Million Little Things will be coming back for Season 2.

This post always wouldn’t be complete without congratulating Romany Malco who has been nominated for an NAACP award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for AMLT.

Don’t forget to watch new episodes of A Million Little Things on Thursday nights on ABC.

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  1. Great adult show. No foul language, great story lines. It’s about time there is a show I look forward to watching that’s not on Netflix.

  2. Beautiful character study, which pulls you in so much that you feel these people are old friends and makes you feel you are part of their lives as well. Great show, script, and actors. Thanks for such a wonderful ensemble piece!

  3. This show has sucked me into its world. A few of my favorite actors are in the cast. So happy to see them again, Grace Park, David Giuntoli.
    I never liked Psych so l am pleased to find l love James Roday as Gary. He is a very good actor. The whole cast is so talented, they make the characters a complex mesh of real persons one cares about from the very beginning. Even the relationships between the adults & children are part of what makes this show special. Cudoes (sp?) to the writers of this drama. I am hooked.
    I couldn’t get interested in This Is Us to which A Million Little Things has been compared. To each their own. But, AMLT literally has a million little things about which l am breathlessly waiting to learn.

  4. I especially love the storyline involving Maggie & her battle with breast cancer. I lost my cousin, Connie to this horrible disease. Her mother lost her oldest child. Her sisters & brother lost their big sister, especially Donna. She & Connie were very close. Her daughter lost her Mom, for which she has my deepest sympathy. (I am so grateful to be blessed to still have my mom.) Her grandsons, Micah & Reid lost their Nonna, who utterly adored them.
    I know too many who have lost loved ones to cancer.

  5. I love this drama series, it hits so close to home, my favorite actor is Gary !! Love love the show ! It’s about time there is a show that is not about criminals!!!!! Keep up the great work! I love the restaurant too !!

  6. I am soooooooo happy that A Million Little Things is coming back for Season 2! I love the show and am invested in all the storylines of the amazing ensemble cast. Looking forward to the new season! Way to go, AMLT!!!!

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