‘Real Housewives’ Star Kyle Richards Tweets That She Started Taking Medication for ‘Crippling Anxiety’

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards recently confirmed a bit of personal information while she was responding to a viewer’s tweet criticizing Kyle for her response to feel RHOBH co-star, Lisa Vanderpump during the premiere of Season 9.

Twitter Apologies

While giving a play-by-play on Twitter, the viewer tweeted, “The fact that @KyleRichards first response when LVP started crying was,  ‘I have sh*t going on in my life too!” just shows her true colors #RHOBH.

Richards took to Twitter to make an apology and give an explanation for her actions on the show saying, “I shouldn’t have said that. I was referring to the fact that I was dealing with crippling anxiety and had to start taking medication for. NOTHING compared to what Lisa went through.”

It is great that Kyle is opening up about all of this to her fans. Some people don’t realize that they aren’t the only one dealing with anxiety. It can help people going through their own issues seeing Kyle be open about hers.

Not the First Time

This isn’t the first time Kyle Richards has used a public platform to vent about her anxiety. Earlier this week in a Bravo blog post, speaking about the new season, she says, “Teddi comes to visit me at my new home (which I am finally settling into) to workout. We immediately start to laugh about everything. That’s what we do. Yes, of course, I think I’m dying again. I laugh about it, but the truth is my anxiety was through the roof during this time. My daughter Sophia was leaving home for the first time for college in a couple of weeks. If you know me by now, that is very difficult for me. I don’t do well with my children leaving the nest. On top of that, my one eye wasn’t opening all the way, and I had yet to figure out what it was. STAY AWAY FROM WEB MD!”

Although Kyle snapped on the show towards Lisa Vanderpump, she seems to care about her. She writes in the same Bravo post, “In April, Lisa lost her brother. My heart broke for her. She didn’t leave her house for about a month, but we were in constant contact. Once she felt OK enough to go out, we shared a quiet dinner discussing what she was going through. Lisa doesn’t like to show emotion.”

What do you think of Kyle Richards’ response to Lisa Vanderpump? Are you team Kyle or team LVP this season? Sound off in the comments below.

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