‘Survivor’ 2019: Why Are They Bringing Cast Members Back? Jeff Probst Tells All

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This season of Survivor, there will be four returning cast members to the island. This is a move the show pulls sometimes, but not always. So why does Survivor: Edge of Extinction bring back four cast members? Jeff Probst is telling all.

‘Survivor’ Brings Back Four Old Players

For a while, Survivor was putting old players in every season. Jeff Probst thought this was the new normal according to Entertainment Tonight. However, right after that, they went on a huge hiatus. There hasn’t been returning players in ten seasons. So, why are they coming back now?

Jeff has a system for how it all works. This season, it was time for a change he told ET.

“I get on a whiteboard and I write down the last 10 or 12 seasons,” says Probst of his process for coming up with twists and casting decisions. “And I just look at them. What were the themes? Were there returning players? And you just sort of look for a rhythm and go… we’re due.”

Since they are also changing some of the format of the game this season, this will be the perfect chance. It will also be a great way to see how returning players handle the situation vs new players.


None of the players returning have won Survivor, Jeff did this on purpose too. He feels that they will show the newer players what it takes.

New Changes in the Game

This season will have some major changes. Instead of just leaving the island when voted off, players will be presented with a choice.

“There’s two elements to it. There’s the spiritual and there’s the gameplay. The gameplay is — you don’t know this, it’s a secret — but when you’re voted out, you’re going to leave Tribal and walk around the corner and finally come to this lighted torch with a signpost. And the signpost will say, ‘You have a decision to make. If you’re done playing and you want your adventure to end, keep walking. If, however, you want a chance to get back in the game, take the torch and get in the boat.’ That’s all you know,” Jeff said.

Players will be able to stay and fight harder. Or, just like normal, they can just simply leave. This will separate the intense players from those who aren’t ready to commit. The scary part comes in when they don’t know what happens if they get on that boat to keep going. It will be interesting to see how many players

Are you excited to see this new season of Survivor? Let us know if you’re looking forward to it in the comments!

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