Deena Cortese of ‘Jersey Shore’ Gives Birth to Son

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Deena Cortese of Jersey Shore is now a mom! She and her husband, Chris Buckner, just became parents to their first son. They seem to be very excited about their new addition!

As fans and Deena Cortese herself have shared, she had a pregnancy that seemed to drag on for forever! Several times recently, her followers thought that she was having her baby due to a lack of Instagram updates.

On January 5th, the little guy made his entrance! He arrived at 4:41 PM. He weighs 6 pounds and 8.5 ounces. He’s 20.5 inches long. Since she announced her pregnancy, Deena Cortese has been calling the baby by his name, Christopher John. They are also using the nickname “CJ” for him.

In the evening on January 5th, Deena Cortese announced her son’s birth, sharing some sweet pictures and a video on Instagram.

Back in July, the couple first announced the pregnancy with a cute poster. At this time, they also announced that their baby’s sex and his name.

On January 1st, Deena Cortese shared a video of her moving belly. In the caption, she said that she thinks “he’s trying to find the way out”. At this point, she was 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant. This was her final post on Instagram, aside from her stories, until she posted about the arrival of her baby.

Deena Cortese’s Pregnancy

Throughout her pregnancy, she shared lots of “bumpdates” with the world. In most of her posts, she is showing off her baby bump. She seemed to have a pretty normal pregnancy. Throughout her pregnancy, she frequently shared how overjoyed she and Chris Buckner were!

Over the past few months, she has been posting pictures related to her pregnancy, which was getting fans even more excited. In the photos she is sharing, it’s easy to see how happy the couple is. They are thankful for such a healthy baby boy!

Are you excited for Deena Cortese and Chris Buckner? Be sure to catch Jersey Shore when it returns for Season 3 later this year!

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