Deena Cortese of ‘Jersey Shore’ Due Any Day Now

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Back in July, reality TV star of Jersey Shore, Deena Cortese, shared the news that she and her husband, Chris Buckner, are expecting a baby! The original announcement post includes the parents-to-be posing beside a sign and balloons. Throughout her pregnancy, she has been sharing monthly “bumpdates” on Instagram. Now, the baby’s due date is quickly approaching!

Deena Cortese will become a mama soon

Deena Cortese is due to have her baby sometime in December 2018 so she’s due any day now! Based on her Instagram posts, she seems pretty excited about welcoming her son into the world. On December 20th, she shared a picture of her baby bump.

She captioned it, “Soon we’ll get to meet you”. It’s safe to say that Deena Cortese is ready for the baby to make his entrance. He will probably be here very soon. Maybe he will even come before Christmas, but who knows?

Since Deena has been updating her Instagram account regularly throughout her pregnancy, we can count on a post shortly after the baby arrives.

In the meantime, we know that Deena will continue to gush over her baby boy while he finishes growing. Get ready for lots of cute baby pictures once he’s born. She seems overjoyed about this pregnancy and will definitely make an amazing mom!

Deena Cortese is having a boy

On July 2nd, the same day that Deena Cortese and Chris Buckner announced the pregnancy, they shared a video of the gender reveal. The couple seemed overjoyed to be having a baby boy. They are naming him Christopher John, but they often refer to him as CJ.

She’s been sharing photos of her pregnancy and any baby-related news. She uploaded an ultrasound picture a couple weeks ago with the caption “Uhg I’m so in love with you”. Baby CJ will definitely be well-loved by Deena and Chris! They can’t wait to meet the little guy.

Check back for more updates on Deena’s pregnancy and watch for the arrival of her son. Be sure to catch Jersey Shore: Family Vacation when it returns to MTV for Season 3 in 2019.

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