‘When Calls the Heart’ Spoiler: Brian Bird Speaks Out About Rumors Show Ends After Season 6

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When Calls the Heart fans were really excited to watch the big Christmas movie tonight. After the movie, rumors started flying that when Season 6 airs starting in February that this will be the final season. Co-creator Brian Bird is speaking out about these rumors.

Brian shares if the show is ending

A fan asked Brian on Twitter if this was really what was going on. Luckily, Brian was nice enough to respond and share if this was true or not. Here is what he shared on Twitter.

Spin-off details

It is unknown at this time who the woman is that was sharing all of these things she says are spoilers. There could be a bit of truth to it, but Brian is clearing it up for now. Notice that he didn’t even mention the spin-off. The new show is a reality. It has already been shared that When Calls the Heart is getting a spin-off show and it will air on the paid channel Hallmark Movies Now. This show is expected to come out in 2019. It is said to be about a new town and new characters. Everyone that loves When Calls the Heart is going to be interested in seeing this new show.


One thing to know is that during Season 6 of WCTH you will get to see a few small clues about the new show. This is going to help get the fans excited to watch it. This will probably help Hallmark to get a few new subscribers to their paid channel simply so they can take advantage of watching When Hope Calls. Brian Bird did share in the past that this new show doesn’t mean that WCTH is coming to an end.

It is great that Brian is so open with the fans and shares what is going. If you check out his social networks, he is always answering their questions.

Are you happy to hear that When Calls the Heart isn’t coming to an end just yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Make sure you don’t miss When Calls the Heart when it returns to Hallmark with new episodes in February of 2019.

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  1. I hope they don’t change the name of the When calls the heart show are Hope Valley are anything about the show I love it better just the way it is. Gloria

  2. I DO not want it to end. I still feel there are great story lines that can be developed and move the show forward. Especially with a little one to carry on for Jack. This is a great family show and we need more shows that show people really do care about each other and stay through hard times.

  3. If this is the last season who cares without Jack it’s not the same in a way it’s to bad it has to end one the best family shows out there.

  4. I love When Calls the Heart I am ready for season 6 and to see what happens. I don’t want it to end yeah we all know Jack is gone but he will live on through his son little Jack and Elizabeth. I am ready for new story lines like with Abigail, Bill, Carson, Clara and Jesse especially Elizabeth we can’t leave out Lee and Rosemary they could have a child so yes I am so ready for this show to keep going

  5. I love, love this series and I hope it does not end. It is so good to be able to sit down to the tv and watch a decent family show. I do wish that there were some more married folk on the show, it seems there is only 1 married couple in the town. Not too normal for a town. I’ve read most all of Jeanette Okes books and they have always been books of faith and the show seems to be drifting from that. Would be nice if we could at least see people coming or going to church.

  6. That Hallmark …we have to pay for it….this is getting out of control!!!just how much tv do we have to pay for…already paying almost $300’a month fir cable….now Disney will be taking over channel 7 I heard and going to have to pay for that too!!!! This is ridiculous!!!! Grrrrr

  7. I have watched show from the beginning. I still watch but I am not has big a fan since Jack is gone. He and Elizabeth were the show to me

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