Jeremiah Raber of ‘Breaking Amish’ Reveals Last Words His Biological Mother Said To Him

Jeremiah Raber from screenshot

Jeremiah Raber of Breaking Amish is speaking out and sharing a few heartbreaking messages from his biological mother. Jeremiah posted a video on his YouTube channel, which shows the last messages she sent to him. TV Shows Ace talked to Jeremiah exclusively to get a few more details. He said these messages happened about four to five years ago.

Jeremiah shares her last words to him

First off, you will want to watch this shocking video. Jeremiah talked a bit about this on Breaking Amish, but they didn’t let him go into detail. On this episode, he simply asked if they had seen the stuff his biological mother said on social media. Jeremiah has not spoken to her since these messages happened.

It all started with a very nice message from Jeremiah Raber talking about how busy he had been and that he would visit them soon. Then his mother Sherry Jennings decided to go off on him. At one point, she even says that he is not her son and she has all of her kids that love her.

The way he is treated is heartbreaking. His mother is saying terrible things about not wanting him in their life at all. One of her grandsons even tries to defend Jeremiah, but it doesn’t matter at all as she tells him to stay out of it.

Jeremiah lost contact with others as well

Jeremiah Raber explained to TV Shows Ace that he doesn’t have contact with his siblings anymore either. This can’t be easy on him. So many people on the show Breaking Amish have been adopted and reached out to their birth parents. You never know how it will go when you take a chance like this one.

At the time that this all went down, Jeremiah Raber was working on getting a song out and also working on an Amish baked goods store. He ended up moving out of Pennsylvania so the store didn’t happen.

If you want to keep up with Jeremiah Raber, he is always posting new videos on his YouTube channel. You never know what he is going to share next.

Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of Breaking Amish when they air on Sunday nights on TLC.

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  1. I love Jeremiah like he’s my own son. I’ve been trying to be by his side for sometime now for emotional support. I’m not going into the rest of how our relationship has evolved, but let me tell you, it has been a joy to have Jeremiah, in my life. I would never turn him away. Jeremiah is a very intelligent, smart, gentle, caring, hard working family man. He does what he needs to do to make ends meet, and for his family. He makes doughnuts, he can paint some of the prettiest paintings, I’ve ever seen in my life. I own 6 of his paintings. If anybody wants to have a chance to own one of Jeremiah’s paintings, please go to his fan page Jeremiah Raber, the JayRaber Family Page on Facebook and request one. He will paint it for you. Jeremiah can do more than that, this year he decided to put on eBay, some Amish Christmas surprise boxes to his fans, because he has connections on how to get the Amish goods. His haters are saying, why are you doing this, since you are ex-Amish? Jeremiah stated, because there people out there who enjoy Amish goods and have no way to get them. So this is my way to help some of those folks out. Also just to give a little sunshine to someone’s eye. Also be surprised when they see what they get in box and open to see all the goodies. I’m extremely happy with what I got in mine. I’ve been following Jeremiah every since the show started. I’ve only had actual had contact with him, since he started doing periscope, YouTube and facebook live. For some reason I can’t catch him, when he’s live on Facebook. I’m able to catch all my other friends who they go live. I don’t understand. Anyway, Jeremiah is the same age as my oldest daughter and works as hard, if not harder, everyday to make a living for his family and him. He has all these haters out there, accusing him of doing drugs. It’s not true one bit. I know so for a fact. He’s not doing them. I get tired of people being accusatory towards him or anyone else, when it’s false information. If they don’t talk to that person daily, see them daily and know what they are doing. If you don’t, you have the right to give a opinion. Most of the people who accuse him, are going by here say. Here say won’t even stand up in court. Jeremiah does have emotional issues, he trying so hard to get over. They do cause him some issues with his personal life. With what Jeremiah has gone through, with his biological mum and his adopted parents, I don’t blame him for feeling the way he does. I still have them too. I have a very loving husband who’s helping me with me with the very same issues. Jeremiah has Carmela to help him. I know she tries her best to balance Jeremiah out, when he has some problems with the feelings, that he’s having about all he’s gone through of feeling unwanted. I know that feeling. I don’t know the feeling being adopted, but I know the feeling of, why why, why did you do this to me, why am I not good enough, why are they better than me, why aren’t you in my life, why don’t you stop holding grudges, why why why? Why can’t you get over yourselves, and move on. Let go of the past and start brand new relationship. Let’s not even speak about anything else, not unless it’s happy thoughts. I know to well of that feeling. So, this my story about Jeremiah, of the wonderful man I’ve met, besides my husband, in my life, that’s a joy to hear that Beep on my iPad, when he goes live. I always have the biggest smile on my face, when I see Jeremiah live. The one thing, people see the outside of Jeremiah, they don’t see the inside, and what’s going on inside his head. What he has to deal with on a daily basis from all the emotional termoil from both if his parents, if you only knew. You haters need to get off your band wagon, and start joining Jeremiah and being nice to him, when putting your negative comments out on his fan page on Facebook. None of you really know, until you’ve lived it yourself. So stop it and stop saying to him, you need to grow up, because it’s not easy to get over rejection. It takes time to get over it and sometimes you don’t get over, you get past it. Jeremiah needs the advice, tools and emotional opinions about how to help him deal with the rejection. Jeremiah is not a ugly guy. He’s very handsome for that matter. Jeremiah, you know I do care. As I’ve said to you before and I will continue to stay by your side and stick up for, until I die. I love you, your TV character, you as man, as person and as a family man, just live your life, the best way you can and be happy. Don’t be sad thinking about what your awful parents did to you, because you are way above them. Even if you weren’t in TV, you’d still be.

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