Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon’s Wedding: Will This Happen On ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Ashley I and Jared Bachelor from Instagram

Fans absolutely adore Ashley Ianconetti and Jared Haibon from Bachelor in Paradise. They are one of the cutest couples out there, their story is perfect. If you don’t know the story of Ashley and Jared, you’ll love it. Basically, Ashley fell in love with Jared, but he just wanted to be friends so they were best friends for the longest time. While Ashley was dating her ex, Kevin Wendt, Jared realized he was in love with Ashley, and now look at them. Bachelor fans are obsessed with their relationship.

Wedding details

If you don’t know already, the reality show couple is engaged and everyone is ready for them to tie the knot. The power couple is planning to finally make it official in August of 2019 in Rhode Island. What a perfect destination. This means that they won’t be having a Bachelor in Paradise wedding like some couples in the past. 

Ashley and Jared recently met couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Jared stated “They’re very well-known to be best friends and now in a relationship. Very similar to Us,” so we know where they’ll be that day. Ashley and Jared were friends for three years before they got together. We all know that Ashley was more excited than ever. Viewers are so happy for them. They are so cute that they barely get any hate anymore, and that’s a big deal!

Their story

A lot of the fans always state how they wish their relationships could be that perfect and everyone seems to agree! Ashley first fell in love with Jared on Bachelor In Paradise, where he totally friend-zoned her, viewers totally felt for her. If you remember that season of Bachelor In Paradise, you remember Ashley for being known as the ugliest crier, she even agrees with everyone on this. Ashley appeared on the Bachelor WInter Games, where she met her ex-boyfriend Kevin Wendt. The two were together for a while after the show. They actually separated because Jared expressed his love for Ashley and she knew he was the one. I mean look at him!

Bachelor fans are super excited to see new Bachelor Colton Underwood find his true love like many others. Colton even ended the show early because he knew who he wanted to be with! Lots of questions stand about Colton, like is he still a virgin after the show? Find out in January on ABC when the new season comes on!

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