‘The Bachelor’ Trailer Was Dramatic, Chris Harrison Explains That Wild Ending

The first trailer for Colton Underwood’s season of  The Bachelor was recently released. The video had no shortage of romance, tears and of course virginity talk. However, the trailer also had a weird part at the end that has a lot of people questioning exactly what happens during this season. Chris Harrison revealed to Us Weekly some insight on what happened.

Trailer Recap

The trailer started like they all do with the romance. Girls squealed when they saw Colton dripping with water and tried their hardest to swoon him. However, Colton’s virginity was brought up immediately when one girl brought up how she hadn’t dated a virgin since she was 12-years-old. The topic was brought up three more times before the trailer took a dramatic turn.

The latter half of the trailer brought the tears and drama as the girls fought. Finally, we see Colton in tears as he talks about putting himself out there and again when he hugs one of the contestants. The peak of the trailer though is the very end which has left fans confused. Colton walks away from one of the girls and actually hops over a fence. Luckily, Chris Harrison has revealed some insight into what may have happened. View the trailer below:

Chris Harrison Explains What Happened in The Bachelor Trailer

As for the fence jumping, Chris Harrison couldn’t reveal a lot to Us Weekly, but he did say it may or may not have been his fault. What could Chris Harrison do to make someone so mad? Despite the dramatic end, Chris also said that Colton is very vulnerable during the season and he was actually surprised by that.

Colton showed some emotions in Bachelor in Paradise, but that was mostly just over Tia Booth. It will be interesting to see how he handles new women and new emotional situations. If the whole season is anything like the trailer, he doesn’t handle it well.

One thing Chris said that Colton was very honest about was, of course, his virginity. If he can’t avoid it he might as well embrace it, and Chris Harrison noted just that. People are talking about and are going to talk about it. The best thing Colton can do is make sure people know how he feels about it.

What did you think of Colton’s trailer? Are you excited for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t miss the season premiere of The Bachelor when it comes on January 7 at 8/7cst on ABC.

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