Get to Know Abbie Burnett Duggar, John-David Duggar’s New Wife

John David Duggar with Abbie Burnett Duggar

John-David Duggar of Counting On recently got married to Abbie Burnett Duggar. These two seem to be doing great, but the fans haven’t seen much of Abbie yet. If you want to get to know her better the Duggar Family Blog actually shared a bit more about her recently. She will also be on the upcoming season for viewers to get to know her.

More information about Abbie

One thing about Abbie is that she doesn’t have her own Instagram. John David and Abbie share one with each other. This seems to be a great way to handle things and share pictures now and then. If you want to see Abbie Burnett Duggar marry the love of her life it is actually already available on the TLC website and app.

Abbie is actually from Stratford, Oklahoma. They got married in Oklahoma instead of Arkansas, which surprised a lot of people, but the couple did decide to live in Arkansas near John-David’s family. That sounds like the perfect choice for them. She also comes from a large family. Abbie Burnett Duggar is the fourth child out of seven children. You can assume that John-David and Abbie will decide to have a large family as well if that is what works out for them.

Abbie is also very involved in church. This should fit well with the Duggar family. Jana shared that she thinks that she is a great fit for her twin brother. Abbie is trained as a nurse, but there is no word yet if she is still working or not.

All about their first kiss

This courtship was a very fast one. All within two weeks of getting together, John and Abbie told their families that they were courting. They didn’t wait to tie the knot for long either. Most of the Duggar children do have pretty short courtships, though. They even saved their first kiss for their wedding.

At their wedding, John-David kissed Abbie on her hands, arms, and forehead before landing one on her lips. They sound like an adorable couple. Everyone will get to see this big kiss on their wedding special.

Don’t miss Counting On when it returns to TLC with new episodes. This week you can see the wedding special but it will air on different days and times so make sure you check your local listings.

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