‘Counting On’ Details of John-David Duggar, Abbie Grace Burnett’s Wedding Revealed

John David Duggar with his wife

John-David Duggar of Counting On just got married this past weekend to Abbie Grace Burnett. At first, not many details about their big day were out. Now, Us Weekly was able to find out to all about the big wedding. The viewers will get to see it on November 27 on TLC. The couple gave Us Weekly exclusive details and pictures from their big day.

Details about the big day

John-David Duggar and Abbie Duggar got married in Ada, Oklahoma. Abbie is from Oklahoma so this is fitting. They shared saying, “Every moment was just as we dreamed.” Jana Duggar was even part of the bridal party. Abbie got to wear a handmade “sparkly” gown from Renee’s Bridal in Kentucky. She looked amazing in this sleeveless dress.

Abbie’s father gave her away of course after walking her down the aisle. It was a big wedding, but not huge with about 1,000 guests at the church. This is a totally different church than the other Duggars have been getting married in seeing that it is in Oklahoma. Holy Ground was the opening song for the wedding. They used an airplane hanger to have a reception after the wedding. This is very fitting for John-David. You have to wonder if he had a groom’s cake shaped like an airplane, but details about the food have not been shared yet.

John-David and Abbie’s future plans

The couple does have plans to do mission work together. This is something they are both passionate about. Another thing is that it was revealed in the videos the family made that John-David and Abbie Duggar have plans to live in Arkansas near the family. This will make it where Abbie isn’t right by her family, but Oklahoma isn’t that far away either.

Make sure that you don’t miss new episodes of Counting On when they return to TLC. You will get to see the wedding of John-David and Abbie Duggar on the show. It has already been shared that it will air later this month. A first look of the big day will be on TLC GO on November 20. The wedding will then air on November 27 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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