‘Bachelorette’ Wedding Update: Rachel Lindsay Has No Plans to Invite Bachelor Nation to her Wedding

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are still slowly planning a wedding after being on The Bachelorette. He got down on one knee and gave her the Neil Lane ring, but they haven’t done a wedding yet. Now, Rachel is sharing that she isn’t inviting everyone from Bachelor Nation to her big day.

Rachel Lindsay shares about wedding plans

Rachel has a few wedding plans. One big thing she shared is that they want a small wedding. They aren’t thinking a ton of people and are thinking more like 50 people, basically close family. They may even go do some kind of destination wedding. It doesn’t sound like it will be one that ABC will be filming and airing.

Rachel and Bryan plan to get married. The thing is they don’t know how soon it will happen. The planning isn’t even happening yet. They are just simply talking about what the next steps will be and what they want in the future. The couple has been engaged a bit over a year.


Bachelor Nation invites

It sounds like there will not be any Bachelor Nation invites at all. Rachel shared and said, “Later I’ll do something for the family at home, but it’s like super small, super close family, like not even — sorry, Bachelor girls — not even them. They’ll get it, we’ll make it up at the bachelorette party.” Rachel still is friends with a lot of girls from the show.

Rachel Lindsay was on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. She met a lot of girls on that season of the show and then she moved on to be The Bachelorette. Some of the girls came back to that show to help her out as well. Bryan ended up being the guy for her.

Right now, Colton Underwood is filming his season of The Bachelor which will air in January on ABC on Monday nights. It is time to see if this virgin can find love. Maybe the 3rd time is the charm for Colton.

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