‘Southern Charm’ Star Landon Clements Defends Posting About Wedding Anniversary With Her Ex

Landon Clements from Southern Charm

Landon Clements of Southern Charm fame confused several fans when she posted a picture of her wedding to her ex on her Instagram. This would have been their 10th anniversary, but things just didn’t work out for them. Now, she is defending her decision to post this picture.

Landon Clements new picture

Landon’s new picture really got people talking. The picture was with her dad, but from her wedding with ex-husband James Maby. Landon actually talked to Us Weekly and shared her thoughts on why she posted this picture. Here is what she shared with them.

“I think it’s important because statistically 50 percent of people go through divorce. And I think it’s also important when you get divorced it doesn’t mean that you leave that family or you have to close that chapter of your life. I still talk to my ex-husband and I have a step-daughter [Lola] and I’m still really close to his sister and mother.”

There is nothing wrong with what Landon is doing, but everyone has a different opinion. This seems to work for the Southern Charm star.


How is Landon Clements now?

Landon actually hasn’t been on Southern Charm recently. Instead, she has moved on and is working for her dad. The website she tried seems to not work out for her. It doesn’t look like she will be coming back to the show either. She has moved on.

Don’t miss Southern Charm when it returns to Bravo. When the new episodes will air hasn’t been revealed just yet. It should be back sometime in 2019.

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