’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Jon and Rachel Give Relationship Update

90 Day Fiance - Rachel Bear

If you are looking for an update from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple Jon Walters and Rachel Bear then you have found it. These two were not able to move to the same country the last time they updated fans and it turns out that it is still the same. In Touch Weekly shared an update about how they are doing now.

Jon and Rachel’s big update

Jon Walters and Rachel Bear are still together. The issue is they are still living across the world from each other. She is in Albuquerque, NM while Jon is still in London, England. It really doesn’t look like this is going to be changing any time soon either.

You know they won’t stop trying to be together, but for now, things aren’t looking great. This 90 Day Fiance couple is just pushing through. They still haven’t applied for a Visa, but money seems to be the reason.


Their joint Instagram

The couple has a joint Instagram account. It is called Follow our Fairytale. They recently made a post showing them on FaceTime. This is the closest that they get to each other seeing that they can’t even live in the same country. Rachel did recently say she is just a few months from getting to visit her fiance Jon again.

Spoilers have hinted that these two could be back for another season of the show. If they keep posting on this Instagram and keeping the fans excited about their relationship, then they will have a better chance of being invited back by TLC. That could be a bit of what they are thinking. Regardless, the fans are invested in this relationship now.

90 Day Fiance is airing a new season on Sunday nights on TLC. Maybe Jon Walters and Rachel Bear will show up on a future season of the show again. Being on the show was a great way to be able to see each other and get TLC to pay for the trips.

Update: As of June 2019, the couple was finally able to file for their Visa.

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  1. Rachael picked Jon so she has to get a better job so she can earn the money it takes to bring him to the USA. f she cannot do that then she needs to find a man in New Mexico. It would be cheaper.

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