Lindsay Hubbard’s Baby Daddy Has Been Identified?

Lindsay Hubbard and Mystery Baby Daddy

Lindsay Hubbard recently announced that she was pregnant with her new boyfriend. She has not revealed who her boyfriend is, and it seems she plans on keeping it that way. However, fans have been digging into the relationship and are confident that he has been identified. Lindsay has only been with the man for seven months. However, he seems to have checked all of her boxes. Keep reading to find out more.

Carl Radke Calls Off The Wedding

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard were engaged. They had planned a gorgeous wedding that was going to take place last year. However, during the last season of Summer House, fans saw Carl and Lindsay fight the entire summer. Their relationship was toxic, and it was for the best that they split. Carl called off the wedding on screen and this is what upset Lindsay the most. In the reunion episode, their relationship was talked about the most. There was a lot of drama that unfolded. Lindsay is not a fan favorite in the group. However, could a baby change how she acts with the group?

Lindsay Hubbard
Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard’s Baby Daddy Identified?

Lindsay Hubbard has a new boyfriend. She recently revealed that they are pregnant. Now fans are dying to know who the baby daddy is. Fans quickly pointed their fingers at Turner Kufe. He is the Vice President of Research & Investments at Royalty Pharma. Lindsay had said he was a doctor and in finance. Others thought it could be Dustin Lynch, but he does not check those boxes. Lindsay does not follow him on Instagram, but this could be, so fans don’t track him down. However, her friend, Gabby Prescod, used to follow him. She randomly unfollowed him today. This could be because she heard fans were catching on. However, Lindsay also said her boyfriend does not watch reality TV. It is very possible Turner Kufe could be the new boyfriend and the father of her child.


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It seems that Turner Kufe could be the baby daddy. Everything checks the boxes. Even though some people thought it could be Dustin Lynch, he does not check all the boxes of the clues Lindsay has given fans. Regardless, fans want her to have a smooth and healthy pregnancy. People are dying to know when Lindsay will reveal the true identity of her boyfriend. Do you think Turner is the father? If not, who do you think it is? Sound off in the comments below.

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