Tom Schwartz & Jax Taylor Confirm ‘The Valley’ Premiere Date?

Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz

Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz gave some insight into when The Valley premiere date. Fans attended a brunch that the two hosted. During the brunch, the two let fans know the answers to some important questions. Even though Tom Schwartz is not a part of The Valley, he is close friends with Jax Taylor and knows all the details. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Jax Taylor Claims Marriage Is A Work In Progress

Jax Taylor has claimed that his marriage is a work in progress. A fan who attended the brunch told others what he said on Redditt.

“Regarding his marriage, Jax said he’s been doing things Brittany has asked him to do and has been working on himself (sure Jax). They’re working on it”

Fans know that Jax likes to say he will work on himself and then never does. People do not want Brittany to stay with Jax. It was a toxic marriage, and she needed to get out as soon as she could. The two share a son, Cruz. They are doing what is best for not only them but their son. People know that they will put their son first.

Jax Taylor
Jax Taylor

The Valley Premiere Date

The fan who attended the brunch let others know that Tom Schwartz and Jax Taylor revealed when Season 2 of The Valley would premiere.

“The valley Starts filming July 14 Nov/dec premier?”

If this is true, the crew will start filming in six days. It was also revealed that Tom talks to Stassi at least every couple of weeks. Jax then went on to say it was wrong of him to not go to their wedding. He is trying to mend their friendship and he would love to have them on The Valley. However, it is unknown if Stassi has any interest in mending the friendship with Jax and Brittany. Could fans potentially see Stassi and Beau on a future season of the show?

Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz-Instagram
Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz-Instagram

It seems fans can expect a new season of the show this Winter. It is unknown if Jax is correct, but it is more than likely going to be around that time. Fans cannot wait to see the next season. There is a lot that has happened since filming the first season. It is safe to say Season 2 could be more dramatic than Season 1. What do you think? Are you excited for Season 2? Sound off in the comments below.

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